2 – Marco Bott

Ah yes, the infamous Marco Bott. Whether it’s theories that he’s still alive, theories that he’s gay, or Isayama padding his chapters because he doesn’t want to make his fans too happy, people just won’t let this kid die. But, regardless of what you believe, Marco Bott’s half-eaten body was found, burned, and buried, and he never showed any signs of Titan Shifter regenerating abilities. So here he is, on this list. Marco Bott’s death has always stood out as the first death of a major supporting character in the “Attack on Titan” series, and as one the most bitingly realistic deaths of the series as a whole. Marco Bott’s death is a realistic one. He died alone, with nothing to show for all of his work in the 104th Corps. He didn’t achieve his dreams of working with the King, and he didn’t even get the honor of sacrificing himself in a blaze of glory as most “good guys” do in stories. He just died. The fact that his death was a genuine surprise in “Attack on Titan”, and this death in such a realistic way, its put’s Marco Bott at #2 on this list.

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