1 – Hannes

I bet this one surprised some people! Yes, that’s right, in my expert opinion, Hannes was given the best death in all of “Attack on Titan’s” run! From the beginning of the series, Hannes’ character has been defined by his regret at allowing his cowardice to get the better of him, and abandoning Eren’s mother to be eaten by the Smiling Titan. After Shiganshina fall, Hannes cleaned up his act and climbed all the way to the rank of Captain in the Garrison so Hannes could be a better protector to Eren yeager, Armin and Mikasa, and at times was even a genuine source of wisdom for them. Given all of this development, training, and maturing, it seemed genuinely possible that he would be able to redeem himself during his rematch with the Smiling Titan, but… We all know how that turned out. Hannes’s death is a memorable one not only because of how tragic it is, watching the only parental figure Eren yeager and Mikasa have left biting the dust right in front of them, but it also shows readers just how important Hannes’ lack of courage during Shiganshina fall was. If he couldn’t defeat the Smiling Titan even after 5 years of training, Hannes would have been destroyed if he had fought the Smiling Titan during the Fall of Shiganshina. And if Hannes had died then, Eren yeager and Mikasa would have died as well. And the series would have been over before it could even start. In his dying moments, Hannes became the single most important character in “Attack on Titan”, as well as one of them most tragic ones. The only solace we can take from his death is the knowledge that, when push came to shove, Hannes was willing to lay down his life to protect Eren yeager and Mikasa. Hannes, I think I can say with certainty that you have more than repaid your debt to Grisha. Rest in peace, soldier. It’s high time you and Grisha went for another drink together.