Top 5 Horror Anime Series Of All Time


Introduction ♥

Horror can run down a lot of different pathways. There’s the horror that shocks you with a sudden scare forcing a little shriek from your mouth and jump . There’s also the horror that stick to you through a sense of paranoia that infect your head and gives you nightmare. There’s even some moment’s where horror is derived from just the complete amount of gore that assaults your eyesight. Pulling from show’s that master fully portrays at least one aspect of horror, if not ingenuously combine each together, this list one of best to watch All Time.


5 -> Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

In an era where humans have been forced to live in make-shift giant-walled cities and gigantic flesh-eating monsters called titans roam free on most of the lands, there’s nothing left for humans to do but to live their lives in a peace that’ll probably never become permanent. One day, a colossal titan suddenly shows up and destroys the outermost walls causing the lesser titans to lay waste upon the outer city. Fortunately, there are two more inner walls intact, which gives humanity ample time to prepare and finally strike back at the titans with all their might. Eren Jaeger is one of the soldiers, and with his full-resolve on destroying the titans, he’ll stop at nothing until all of them are exterminated from the face of the planet.



4 -> Deadman Wonderland

Dead man Wonder land is a terrifying adventure from beginning to end. It throw’s into what seems to be an average school life anime, but then a Ganta Igarashi’s entire classroom is blown up and he is framed for the crime. From that point he enters the diseased, horror-filled world of the prison Dead man Wonder land.The scene, in rather sickening detail, portrays a reel of atrocity, include the raping of a dead body. That’s how this show start off. From there, it’s blood and death from obstacle course of killing fields to underground fighting rings. Adding fuel to every moment is the disturbed nature of most of the characters, with several murderer having almost child-like demeanor that’s will send shivers down your back.



3 -> Shiki

Shiki is surprisingly good considered that it revolve’s around vampires and we’re in age where vampires aren’t really that scary us anymore. But, this show turned that all around once again and reverted to the most primordial concept of vampires and the horrors they brought with them. While this anime indeed starts off slow, it builds that pace up into a really precarious situation that will make you thank yourself for not dropping it. It has its own darkness, its a mystery, and its soul-chilling twists and plot that’ll make any viewer enjoy all the fright they want a anime.


2 -> Tokyo Ghoul

The story Of Ken Kaneki, who survive’s an encounter with a woman who is later revealed to be a ghoul. Ghouls are human-like creatures with a hunger for human flesh who hunted and devour anyone cross their paths. The woman critically injure Kaneki sending him to the hospital. After that under going surgery and recovery from the hospital, he learn that some how, he has turned into a half-ghoul/half-human.Needing to eat human flesh in order to survived he seeks she help from those like him to teach him how to deal with It and living as a ghoul, interact with others in the ghoul society, and how to keep secret his identity from other humans around him.


1 -> Another

Down on the honorable spot of Top 1 is an anime that’s well-receivE and highly-rated because of its very horrify and ghostly story its well-made terrifying execution. You might have heard it already because it’s A actually one of the most popular and best horror anime that exists today. That anime is Another It’s terrifying, it’s , disturbing, ghostly, it’s and most of the time bloodshot as well – all of those have mixed-up to define the deathly hell of a story that it is.