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Top 5 Most Powerful Characters in Anime

The anime series may often do you watch on the screen of a television or video content provider sites such as YouTube. We know that from the anime series that currently there are many witnessed the figure of the main character or characters with special powers and even became the most powerful. But for lovers of anime should know that there are 5 of the most powerful characters in the anime that may not have been widely known.

1. Goku in Serial Dragon Ball


Certainly is not foreign Songoku figure in the series Dragon Ball. Goku Strength is very high even can defeat any enemy encountered. Although the strength of his opponent turned out to be much stronger Goku could beat easily. The figure of Goku in Dragon Ball is very humorous and look stupid Dragon Ball series makes a lot of rage.

2. Serial Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto


The figure of Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto series is very strong although at first he looks the weakest among his friends. High motivation to keep her practice hard to master a variety of moves that can not be controlled by his predecessors to make a Hokage 7th.

3. Alucard in Serial Hellsing


Maybe you’re still not heard the figure of Alucard, Alucard turns the power of a very high because it can not be defeated, caused by a force that can not die. Already seen on the strength so no wonder included in the 5 most powerful characters in the anime.

4. Ichigo Kurosaki in Serial Bleach


Shinigami Ichigo is very famous figure in the series Bleach because his strength is qualified than the other figures. It took a long time to beat a Ichigo Kurosaki, so should be the most powerful characters in the anime series.

5. Monkey D.Luffy in Serial One Piece


Serial One Piece brings a rubber man who wants to be a pirate of the strongest in the world. Monke D.Luffy be the strongest figure in the series One Piece can even beat the enemy who has more power than him.

Okay that’s five most powerful characters in the anime that can be presented by Animesouls.com Of 5 Anime characters above, where do you think the strongest? Please comment below or in our Fanpage

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