4 – Dracule Mihawk This list would suffice if I hadn’t put the name of world greatest swords man . Every One Piece Fan must know that the Dracule Mihawk doesn’t need any proofs about he can beat a Four Emperor’s or not . A Sword is considered as a pirates main weapon and Dracule Mihawk is the worlds best swordsman . Mihawk has fought many friendly duels with Shanks(one of the Yonko) and they both use swords as their weapon .Dracule Mihawk is a better swordsman than Shanks ,but Shanks has powerful haki and many other attacks . Though my point is that Dracule Mihawk has the potential to beat a Four Emperor’s.


5 – Kong is the World Government Commander-in-Chief. He was the former Fleet Admiral of the Marines at the time of the Battle in Edd War 27 years ago and at the time of Gol D. Roger’s execution 24 years ago. Though Kong powers or his character are not yet well known to others but I am sure that he is Insanely powerful and can beat a Emperor’s.(Its just a speculation , but since he has a higher rank than a fleet admiral , which mean he packs some serious power.


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