Top 5 Upcoming Anime Movies in 2022-2023: With the comeback of some iconic anime through films this year, we are traveling through time. Many of us have been anticipating the chance to once again struggle, weep, and celebrate with our favorite characters for a very long time. But of course, it’s not only them who are in the spotlight; the newest anime also have a possibility to try and win us over. With its sense of excitement and nostalgia, this year certainly seems promising. We have put up a list of the most intriguing and anticipated movies coming out in 2022–2023 as a result.

Upcoming Anime Movies

To All Of You That I Loved (Upcoming Anime Movies)

The movie To All of You That I Loved and the other To The Only Me Who Loved You are two closely related multiversal films that are meant to be watched together, even though it may be unfair to contrast the two. Both romance films are scheduled for release on the same day and share the same fundamental premise—that there are parallel universes and that it is possible to travel between them.

In one, the plot is exploited by two lovers to get out of a situation that would prevent them from being together, and, a lonely student is unexpectedly visited by someone who claims to be his sweetheart from a different dimension. The novel’s release has caught many fans’ imaginations and generated a good deal of buzz, even if there is still much to be discovered.

Upcoming Anime Movies

Drifting Home (September)

Drifting Home, a new anime film coming to Netflix, tells the tale of two childhood friends who, when investigating the house they grew up in before it was demolished, discover themselves mysteriously transported to the middle of the ocean. There isn’t much information available beyond that, but the trailers give the impression that it will be a stunning and colorful fantasy journey.

The film’s producers, Studio Colorido, have a history since they also worked on the Netflix blockbuster, A Whisker Away. Of course, how effectively the anime’s finale is done will have a big impact on how well the premise works, but for now, it makes sense that there is a lot of anticipation for its debut in the fall.

Upcoming Anime Movies

Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime (Upcoming Anime Movies)

The Movie Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime frequently receives rankings extremely high even in the fiercely competitive area of top fantasy anime series, so it’s important to note for people who haven’t had the chance to get immersed in one of the most creative isekai series available. It’s worth getting caught up because things have really picked up by the time this movie takes place.

For those who are already familiar, the story begins with Rimuru Tempest and his pals in Raja, a little nation in the west that is home to a sinister conspiracy. Before the movie’s November release, there has already been some excitement due to the series’ substantial and devoted fan base.

Upcoming Anime Movies

Suzume’s Door-Locking (November)

Despite the fact that Makoto Shinkai’s 2019 film Weathering With You didn’t exactly achieve the same enormous degree of critical and commercial success as Your Name, it showed a director still in good form. His most recent work, which is about enigmatic doors that start to sprout all around Japan, is, unsurprisingly, the subject of a lot of anticipation.

Anyone who has seen any of his past films will be aware that there will likely be romance, significant natural calamities, and, of course, stunning graphics. The most expected films of the year will likely not be released in the US until early 2023 due to a late 2022 release date.

One Piece Film: Red (August)

It’s not surprising that they appear to be ready to take a few chances with this one as it’s the 15th One Piece film released in a way that’s not directly related to the enduring and adored series. Red aims to develop the backstory of Shanks, a character who has gained popularity despite receiving far less screen time than Luffy, in addition to Luffy.

This will also result in the introduction of a significant new character in the form of Shanks’ estranged daughter Uta, a well-known diva with an eye-catching character design even for a One Piece character. Red doesn’t even need to excite One Piece fans in order to be a success; those who aren’t into the series might not find it very interesting.


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