Top 6 Strongest Genjutsu Users In Naruto

6 – Kurenai

Strongest Genjutsu Users: the full extent of Kurenai abilitie are predominantly Is all unknown, her skill with genjutsu is so extensive that it is said to rival even those of Uchiha Itachi. Capable of discerning the truth in a luring and instant enemies to a place far beyond his genjutsu,most of her technique’s are focus around flora. primarily using large trees to bind opponent as well as flower petal for variou reason. She is also able to simultaneously affect multiple opponent with her technique, as seen during her fight with The Kisame Hoshigaki and his partner. Uchiha Itachi, a genjutsu master himself, has also praised her skill .Further more, she could revert the effect of genjutsu to the caster.

5 – Tayuya (Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains)

Strongest Genjutsu Users: The illusion that relie on the sound of the flute. Whoever hear it will be assailed by the flaming sensation that their limbs have been fasten with sturdy rope, those becoming unable to move about freely. Even with the physical intervention from an outside forces, the body is rob of all mobility, and consciousness it’s self progressively fade away. At the same time, they are fed up morbid hallucination, which make it is also possible to run them down mentally. Given that the mean of transmission is based on sound, it has a large range of effectivenes, on The top of which it can be applied on enemy even without know the enemy’s position, which makes for an exceedingly suitable technique. The genjutsu is ineffective if the enemy can’t hear the technique Flute sound.

Strongest Genjutsu Users

4 – Jiraya (Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant)

Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Chant – is on sound based genjutsu passed down on Mount Myōboku. Because learning it requires so many long years of training, only the Two Great Sage Toads Fukasaku and Lady Shima have the skill’s to perform it.It is said the most powerful genjutsu in world their armoury. It is more powerful and only has to reach the target sense of hearing to be a success. Even if there are several hundred targets there, they are completely disconnect from each other. Inside the genjutsu world, the target are surrounded from all sides by the four toad samurai, with their body and mind completely sealed between their hand’s in an illusionary cube of water. The four un moving toads won’t lift the complete binding until the user give the order to them . After the enemie have been caught in the genjutsu, all that is left to do is to strike and the finishing blow in the real world, with Mount Myoboku’s secret Stone Swords (Ishiken) which are driven into the targets heart’s like a wedge.

Strongest Genjutsu Users

3 – Sasuke Uchiha

Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi have both been shown activating their {MS} Mangekyō Sharingan to cast genjutsu, when already have their regular Sharingan activated, implying that the technique is effect in some way by the evolved dōjutsu, or that it’s a similar technique utilised only by the {MS} Mangekyō Sharingan.

Strongest Genjutsu Users

2 – Itachi Uchiha

Consistent with his pacifist nature,Uchiha Itachi specialis in genjutsu typicall performe with his Sharingan. itachi illusions often involved crows and could be initiate after only the little moment of eye contact. They were so seamles that even target that knew to expect genjutsu might not immediately realise that they had fallen catch to him. If opponents tried to avoid his eye contact in fear of Sharingan, uchiha Itachi could instead cast genjutsu by merely pointing on them.Uchiha Itachi could also use genjutsu to share psychologically or information disable opponents, allowing him to end fight before they even begin. Against other genjutsu user, he also turn their genjutsu against them. Ao noted that Uchiha Itachi was the only person who maybe use his genjutsu to control other individual outside the range of the even Sensor Division

Strongest Genjutsu Users

1 – Shisui Uchiha (Kotoamatsukami)

Shisui Uchiha technique allows the user to enter the mind of any individual with in their field of view, and manipulate them by the giving them false experience, making it seem as if they were doing thing’s of their own free will. It is regard as a genjutsu of the highest calibre, due to the victims being entirely unaware that they are being manipulate.

As a testament to his power, it was strong enough to deny Kabuto Yakushi’s control over a reincarnated Uchiha Itachi, despite the former’s binding being considere near-absolute. After having the crow cast the technique,Uchiha Itachi noted that the dōjutsu required at the least a decade before it could be used again. This period can be drastically reduced through the possession of Hashirama Senju cell’s, even for a non Uchiha transplante, as observe by Danzō’s use.However, despite the additional stamina granted by Hashirama cell’s, Danzō notes that this technique still can’t be use multiple times in a single day.

Strongest Genjutsu Users


  1. this whole list is shit
    1. The most powerful genjutsu is the inifinite tsukuyomi
    2. Sasukes genjutsu has to be no. 3 cuz he put all 9 tailed beasts under a genjutsu with a single glance
    3. Obitos genjutsu is way stronger than Jiraiyas cus he put the 9 tails and Yagura under genjutsu using just the 3 tomoe sharingan

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