Trending Korean Dramas Addictive: Many individuals have only just begun to delve into the rich, vast world of compelling stories that are told in languages other than English. Even before Parasite launched Korean stories into the forefront, South Korean dramas in particular have grown in popularity across the globe over the past ten years.

As a result of the tropes in K-dramas being less common to Western viewers, the narrative in these films often feel more surprising and exciting. In contrast to seasons that are continuously renewed, they are often produced with a specific number of episodes that are restricted in number. This implies that you are more likely to have a thorough, satisfying plot and are less likely to be left hanging by a program being canceled before your OTP progresses past passing glances.

These top Korean dramas can help you start or continue your education, and they are included below in no particular order. Viki, a streaming service devoted to Asian TV and movies, offers some for free while others are on Netflix.

Trending Korean Dramas Addictive

Extraordinary You

Since Western audiences are less accustomed to K-dramas’ tropes, the plots can feel more surprising and exciting as a result. A restricted, predetermined number of episodes are also often produced rather than seasons that can be renewed indefinitely. This implies that you are more likely to have a thorough, rewarding plot and are less likely to be left in suspense in the event that a show is cancelled before your OTP develops beyond passing glances.

Here are some of the top Korean dramas to start or continue your studies, listed in no particular order. A few are on Netflix, while others are accessible for free on Viki, a streaming platform specifically for Asian television programmes and motion pictures.

Trending Korean Dramas Addictive

Goblin (Trending Korean Dramas Addictive)

Kim Shin, who has an unwelcome and lonesome immortality, is approximately 1,000 years old. Shin, a Goryeo-era general who was deceived by his monarch, can only pass away if a foretold goblin’s bride takes out the blade lodged in his breast. Here comes Ji Eun-tak, a jovial high school student with a paranormal capacity for seeing ghosts.

There are a lot of chuckles in this movie as well, much of them come from Shin’s affectionately hostile friendship with Wang Yeo, his roommate who is a grim reaper. Goblin is a popular Korean drama series that many fans of the genre recommend because it masterfully combines historical, fantasy, and current aspects into a singular and engrossing narrative.

Trending Korean Dramas Addictive

Kingdom (Trending Korean Dramas Addictive)

Approximately 1,000 years have passed since Kim Shin was born, and he has an undesired and lonely immortality. A predicted goblin’s bride must remove the dagger buried in Shin’s breast in order for him to die. Shin was a Goryeo-era general who was duped by his ruler. Ji Eun-tak, a cheery high school girl with a supernatural ability to perceive ghosts, appears.

The affectionately hostile friendship between Shin and Wang Yeo, his grim reaper roommate, is another source of the film’s many laughs. Goblin is a well-liked Korean drama series that many aficionados of the genre suggest because it expertly melds historical, fantastical, and modern elements into a single and captivating tale.

Trending Korean Dramas Addictive

Sky Castle

If Desperate Housewives and the Asian obsession with academic brilliance met, the result would be Sky Castle, a richer, grimmer television show. The darkly humorous drama, which is set in an affluent part of Seoul, centres on a group of upper-class women who are trying to ensure the prosperity of their family, which is mostly determined by their children’s entrance to prestigious colleges. Furthermore, they don’t care who they have to bribe, kill, or destroy in order to achieve their goals.

One of the best-rated dramas ever on Korean cable television, this program has received a lot of praise. It’s not by chance that audiences in China and South Korea connected with its portrayal of a fiercely competitive educational system. Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University are collectively referred to as SKY, the three most esteemed universities in South Korea.

Trending Korean Dramas Addictive

My Love from the Star

Do Min-joon is an alien that landed on Earth during the Joseon dynasty but failed to get a transport back to his home planet, leaving him stuck among humans for 400 years. As he waits for a few more months to pass before he can return home, the weary Min-joon is assimilating into society by working as a college lecturer. It comes as no surprise when he encounters Cheon Song-yi, a well-known actress who is also his new neighbour and who resembles a woman he formerly dated.

Any lover of Korean dramas will probably be familiar with My Love from the Star if you mention it to them. The 2013 debut of the series, which is now regarded as a genre classic, was met with enormous success in China and Korea.

Crash Landing on you

Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean heiress who inadvertently crosses into North Korea and crashes lands in a paragliding accident, is the subject of the movie Crash Landing On You. An army officer from North Korea named Ri Jeong-hyeok then finds her. Jeong-hyeok chooses to help her covertly get home instead of reporting her, and while doing so, the two get romantically involved.

Considering how serious the relationship between North and South Korea is, the premise of this immensely famous star-crossed romance does, in fact, sound odd. However, a number of defectors have complimented the heartfelt drama for accurately portraying daily life in North Korea and paying close attention to detail; the writing staff even included a defector.

Signal (Trending Korean Dramas Addictive)

If you enjoy criminal fiction more than romantic dramas, Signal offers a unique take on the genre. Cold case investigators Park Hae-young and Cha Soo-hyun work with detective Lee Jae-han to solve murders in both the 2015 and 1989 time periods, and even stop some from happening, using a mysterious walkie-talkie. The show is set in both of these years. But they quickly learn that playing with time always has repercussions.

The plot of Signal received praise from both the public and the critics. The violent television series was based on true crimes that occurred in Korea, including the gang rape in Miryang and the Hwaseong serial killings. Let’s just say that it is not your typical frivolous K-drama, and that it has a much darker and sombre tone.

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