Top Ten Chinese Drama to Binge watch 2022

Even if you have already mastered the Chinese dramas you may find something to watch here in this list. There are many reasons why people love Chinese drama, some of them being amazing cast, well-matched Oat, and realistic stories. These are simple and realistic which makes everyone attracted towards them. So here is the list of top ten Chinese drama which you can binge-watch now.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

10. Secret of The Three Kingdoms

This one is a Chinese Drama based on the 14th Century historical novel romance of three kingdoms, which is about the Han Dynasty which rules over 400 years. There is also novel on the same name, in which only 20 percent has been covered in the TV drama. This web series defines the secrets which happened in three kingdoms accurately. Even if someone is familiar with the history they will surely get surprised by the elements which are happening in the web series which makes it worth watching.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

9. The endless love

The Endless love is another Romantic series on the list about a young man, who is a very skill painter, but he also suffers from color blindness which is caused by trauma. His life changes when he meets a very emotional girl who makes him follow his passion and changes his life. The series has some amazing loving moments that one must see to get the right dose of the good romantic web series that they must be missing for a long time.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

8. Legend of Fuyao

Legend of Fuyao is a Chinese drama which one is very famous and can be watched again and again. This is a political drama series that has also compelling relationships and emotional stories. The story is about a girl named Fu Yao who is born very stubborn but as she grew up she discovers her true power

and maters her courage In order to make the world right. She takes on a journey across all the kingdoms in search of a way to lift the curse that has plagued her life. During her journey, she meets many people and one of them becomes her lover. The series is filled with adventures that one cannot miss.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

7. Bloody Romance (Chinese Drama to Binge watch)

Bloody romance is not what the title suggests, this one is also based on the same name novel, which is about a woman who is on her own in this cruel world and has to survive here if she wants to live. She is poor and she is sold into a brothel to make customers happy. She then discovers that her condition is because of someone who is very close to her. Then she decides to run away from the brothel and take revenge against the one who is responsible for her condition. She becomes a clod blooded assassin and sets on the journey o take revenge.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

6. Here to Heart (Chinese Drama to Binge watch)

Here to heart is drama which is based on the An Ning’s Novel named The Warm Chord. The series is a perfect blend of Hate and Vengeance, which will make you stick to your eyes. The story is about a couple who gets separated due to an accident that makes them away from each other. They have found new friends but still, they miss each other. They secretly want to be with each other but they hesitate, will they be able to meet again, watch in this series.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

5. The Rise of Phoenixes

Rise of The Phoenixes is a visually soothing series which great cinematography, which has some great characters which will keep you captivating. This is a historical romance about based on TianXia Guiyaan’s novel. Although all the historical facts which are shown in the series is not exactly correct

but still this series is one of the best. The story is about a girl who is falsely accused of a crime and she is expelled from her home, now she has to survive and prove her innocence in front of others to make sure that everyone loves her back.

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

4. My little Happiness (Chinese Drama to Binge watch)

My little Happiness The series is about a Cong Rong who has wished to be a lawyer since childhood, but her mother is adamant about her daughter being in foreign. Cong respects her mother’s wishes and drops her dream of becoming a lawyer. But she continuous to work as a legal intern in her own lands. Later she meets her childhood friends Wen Shao Qing, where she takes her first case. Despite that, she finds her attracted towards him. Will they be able to continue their relation with each other?

Chinese Drama to Binge watch

3. The Day Of becoming You

The day of becoming you is about a boy and a girl who finds themselves getting body exchanged and now they have to deal with each other’s profession. One of them is very famous personality but in reality,

he has struggled a lot when his parents divorced in childhood. They eventually find each other and starts spending time with each other which is followed by them being fall in love with each other.

2. Go Ahead

The series is about three families, which are not related by blood individuals but treat each other like a family members. The story is a family drama about the members of the family. They share moments of sorrow and joy together which is why they always stay together to support each other. They are united after a long time but they have a very bad family past which keeps them in a constant shadow.

1. When we were young

When Yanng Xi is hit by a lab explosion while chasing a thief, she finds herself unable to perform in the long run which decreases her self-confidence. She returns to her school and finds out that her class position has been taken by the one who is behind the accident. Now he must prove herself in order to be accepted by the class.  Later they face many ups and downs in the process.

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