1 Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)

I swear the only reason I’m commenting on minato is because naruto no even on the list which is stupid. Naruto is currently faster than .Minato Namikaze He is 4 GS faster than the speed of light! He dodged Raikage punch and deflected 5 biju bombs at once. Minato Namikaze only deflected one when the nine tails attacked konoha. Naruto will run circles around Minato Namikaze  Minato Namikaze extensive and creative use of Tobirama Flying Thunder God jutsu, and his incredible natural quicknes’s and reflexe make him the fastest shinobi of the all time. Minato Namikaze is the fastest the 4 raikage.



Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki Dodged the raikages fastest punch in top speed which only the Minato had done before and was compare to him then but after that he gaine another speed boost due to not only becoming controlling some of the Kurama power but then became friends with the Kurama so the Kurama give him more power making him even faster then yellow flash

People will often go with Minato Namikaze, but the truth is he’s not the fastests. When it comes to travel speed Minato Namikaze is the fastest because of his teleportation technique. But when it comes to actual physical speed Naruto Uzumaki is the fastest. Through out the series Naruto Uzumaki shows incredible feats of speed, not reaction time, not teleportation, just plain physical speed. Minato Namikaze can travel greater area faster because he can teleport, Sasuke Uchiha has better reaction time because of his Sharingan, but in terms of physical speed Naruto Uzumaki is the fastest.

Look the fact is that minato Namikaze was fast alright probably the fastest as asserte by the raikage but naruto Uzumaki in his Kurama chakra mode out ran the raikage when he was on his top speed and now that he has progresse to the bijuu mode one can sharp say that he is now the fastest.



Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha was very fast in every episode! Even before this,Sasuke was not that fast, but he’s improved now He was very fast now Sasuke can teleport using by his rinnegan, but in limited space only…


But he’s still very fast…

Sasuke has the Rinnegan now Which helps him in moving very fast…

Sasuke can teleport through DIMENSIONS because of Rinnegan



Rock Lee

Rock Lee also fastest . He is way faster than Uchiha sasuke. You people need to realize sasuke Uchiah is just quick lee is pure speed

Rock Lee is fast he specialized in taijutsu and his speed was flawless when he fought in those chunin exams against gaara

I think Lee is the fastest by far I think Lee is so fast that he could escape any fight




Raikage physical speed especially with his lightning armor. Just a little bit slower then Naruto and minato cloak.




Gai Might

Gai doesn’t take off his leg weight’s, when rock lee took them off he was unbelievably fast, guy I think it fastest and strongest ninja. Think now if Gai takes of his lag weights which probably weight’s more than rock lee, when he opens the 7th gate he can destroy anything. With leg weights on he runs train against anything be it Obito, Kisame, or Madara he put great blows on them all.

After Gai opened the eighth inner gate, he was far faster then Madara Uchiha sage of six paths mode, Minato, Naruto, rock lee, and every other person on this list including the Minato.

 When fighting Madara after Gai Opens the eight inner gate, Minato Him self say he is faster than anything he has ever seen. Even then Gai hadn’t taken off his leg weight’s because of some code of self rule . I can’t even imagine how much fast he would be if he took off his the lag weights.



Madara Uchiha

Even though the Minato is thought to be the fastest, once he obtain the ten tails, he is the faster than anyone before. He has power that rivals the sage of six paths. (Naruto chapter 668)


Shisui Uchiha

Shisui is the legendary “shisui of the body flicker”.

Dude. People call him shisui of teleportation because when he moves he basically teleport  (not saying he. Does)

Shisui uchiha became famous for his mastery of the body flicker technique, which allowed him to move supersonic speeds, faster than eye can see.

Shisui Uchiha should be right be behind Minato



Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake beat guy in a race gets out of nearly any move unless he jumps in front to save someone and alway makes it in time to save.

Definitely yes!, kakashi is the fastest among the ninjas in naruto

Now with kamui in both eyes his the fastest after minato



10 Itachi Uchiha

Itachi is faster than your thoughts… I think if there’s a completion itachi can speed up than Minato too..





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