Here are some thought/predictions for the tournament of power. We all know Son goku and the his gang are not going to die. Now we have that out of the way, we don’t have to worry. Now we also know the rest of the universes are going to gang up on universe 7 and their possible there alley universe 6. Jiren the gray as it stands is the most powerful fighter in the tournament. Also Topo is atleast as strong as goku and is a candidate for becoming a god of destruction. So to start the tournament team 7 and 6 are in some trouble as they will be outnumbered 60 vs 20. We also know Son Goku is getting something new and should be the person to carry us to victory. Now Zeno may even the odds a little for the interference from the gods of destruction from 4 and 9, But that’s TBD. So it makes since we will see gogeta to start the fight as we need to even the odds, witch could possibility see gogeta handle both toppo and jiren handedly. Then once the odds are even they refuse and Son goku fights 1 vs 1 attains his new form and defeats jiren. Let me know your thoughts and your own predictions.


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