Top 10 Trending C drama to watch In 2022

Trending C drama: Hello guys how are you all? After Korean drama became famous people now like to explore Chinese drama as well. There are many Chinese Dramas which is popular nowadays. These Chinese dramas include ancient history to modern-day dramas which will help you in making your day just better for others. Now get your popcorns ready and also get your friends to enjoy this awesome drama series.  so here is the list of popular drama series.

Trending C drama

10. Word of Honor (Trending C drama)

As the name suggests, word of Honor is a very famous classical and best Chinese historical drama which was released in the year 2022. The story is about a man, named Zhou Zishu, leader of an organization. Later he leaves the organization so he can live freely but later he finds out about Wen Kexing, the master of the Ghost Valley, who intends to destroy the world in which they live. This C drama is full of action.

Trending C drama

9. Ultimate Note

The ultimate note is an adventurous drama about a tomb raider who likes to discover new things and he embarks on a journey to find out about the origins of the mysterious two tapes which are being sent to him by someone. This is a remake of the original Lost Tomb series which was released earlier in the series.

Trending C drama

8. You are My Hero (Trending C drama)

You are my hero is a series which is based on a novel of the same name. The series is quite is simple and is based on a tale of a doctor who meets a police officer of a high order. They are fixed with each other during a rescue training session which is organized by the hospital where the doctor work and the SWAT team is also arranged. They try to complete the session with facing many difficulties with them which will eventually lead to the attraction between them.

Trending C drama

7. A Girl like me

A Girl like me is a Romantic comedy series that shows the time of Ancient history. At that time, a wealthy girl and a boy who grew up together in the same conditions fall in love with each other. But the journey is not so simple because they have to face many difficulties. Watch this hilarious duo as they try to become the perfect couple for each other.

Trending C drama

6. New Horizon (Trending C drama)

New Horizon is a new type of web series which shows the Story of Wu Di, a girl flight attendant who is pursuing her dream of becoming an airplane pilot. She goes to the pilot school where she meets a fellow trainee pilot

who is very rich and belongs to a very high society profile family. They both dream of becoming a pilot. The series explores how they come together and train for their dream facing all the obstacles that will test their friendship and love and dream of becoming aviation professionals. The series is very inspiring for all.

Trending C drama

5. Young and Beautiful

Young and Beautiful is a series which is about a girl named, Liu Wenjing, who is 19 years old, who is very beautiful and wants to change her life. She then goes to Shanghai so she can test her luck and become what she always wanted. She meets many young women in the city who also thinks like her and is struggling in the city. With her confidence and dedication, she tries her luck and fights for her dreams.

Trending C drama

4. Unrequited Love (Trending C drama)

The series is about the childhood love which we feel for someone from childhood. The friends have a long friendship of about 15 years and they had one-sided love between them, but when they get into high school,

they get separated from each other and become busy with their life. But after all the years, they still feel the same for each other without even knowing, but he has special feelings for her even after all these years.

Trending C drama

3. Don’t leave after school

People get separated when they change school The same story has been shown in this, the story is about two High school friends namely fang Xue and Wei Lai. They become friends and form study groups to study together for the entrance exam

which is the first biggest thing that is going to happen In their lives as adults. They face many problems in both exam preparations as well as in their personal lives. But this doesn’t shake their confidence which is why they stay together with each other to motivate. They finally end come getting attracted towards each other at the romantic level.

2. The Bad Kids (Trending C drama)

The web series is not what it looks like. The Bad Kids is a thriller show which shows how kids can sometimes behave as adults when any harm causes to them and they face some dangerous situation. But they can be greedy as human nature cannot change

The situation in the show is the same which is that three teenagers see a murder and they film it.  Instead of showing that film to the police officer, they try to sell the camera to the killer itself.

1. Ms cupid in love

The movie is set in Ancient times with is comedy and Romance. The movie is about BO Yan, who accidentally destroys the red string in the real world where immortal people live together. Which causes chaos in the lives of married people in the human world? Everyone was happy because Theydon have to get married but finally they all do married at some point in their life.

These are some of the best Chinese dramas which you can watch. Some of them are finished and some of them are ongoing.

If I even have missed any great point about this topic Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments So write your comments down below.

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