True Beauty: A Korean drama with Unique Story and Engaging Story 2022

True Beauty is South Korean Drama Series that gained immense popularity because of the unique storyline that it offered. The story revolves around a high school girl who was bullied in school because of his ugly looks. The girl then masters the art of makeup and self- beauty and made herself as beautiful as a goddess.

The drama received good ratings and reviews from the public because of the unique storyline that it was offering in addition to the hidden lessons and emotions that it provides. The drama can also be viewed as a light-dark comedy but it is much more than that because it can also be viewed as a drama that is somewhat based on the stereotypical ideas of society and in addition to this it is also an eye-opening drama that tells us the reality of the society and binds us with the emotions that both of the leads face throughout their journey. Overall this drama is a mixture of light comedy and a little bit of old stereotypical ideas combined with a good amount of uniqueness.

True Beauty

Plot Synopsis of “True Beauty” K-drama:

Moon Ga-young is playing the role of Ju-Kyung. Ju-Kyung experiences an inferiority complex because of her appearance. She gets constantly bullied and discriminated against both by her family and by her peers because of her ugly looks and appearance. Ju-Kyung gets upset from all this and decides to do something. She starts learning the art of makeup by watching makeup tutorials.

As she progressed with the tutorials she starts making her appearance look more beautiful. As she was about to get transferred to a new school she masters all the makeup tutorials. She ultimately uses her makeup tricks and transforms herself into a goddess-like beauty.

Her increased beauty increased her popularity as well but despite that Ju-Kyung still fears about her actual appearance getting revealed someday. Ju-Kyung’s biggest fear is that what would happen when peers would see her bare face. This fear turns into reality when Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) who was the most handsome boy in the school recognizes her as he had seen her real face earlier. Lee Su-ho is the most popular boy among girls but despite that, he doesn’t like all his popularity and is generally seen as a cold guy. The drama gets interesting when we get to know that he also has his own hidden dark secrets that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Ju-Kyung and Su-ho develop an unlikely relationship with each other as they disclose their secrets. They share their pain and in that develop feelings and comfort for each other.

True Beauty

Our Ratings This Korean Drama Series:

True Beauty is an exceptional Drama. It offers a unique and engaging story. The story is well directed and engages the viewers throughout the series. The solid reason behind the amazing viewership that this drama has received is its amazing storyline and direction. The drama is a must-watch and the rating for the drama should be around 9 out of 10.

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