Something I’ve been thinking about lately… So as we all know, users with transplanted eyes do not compare to the eyes’ original owner in power and so on. Nagato Uzumaki with Madara Uchiha’s Rinnegan, while highly proficient, still couldn’t do things Madara Uchiha could with the eyes. Madara Uchiha regaining both of his eyes was regarded as something to be feared, while Nagato Uzumaki had both and it wasn’t noted to be a big deal. Obito Uchiha could handle only one of Madara Uchiha’s eyes and the power and usage were far below that of both Nagato Uzumaki and Madara Uchiha.

With the known and obvious out of the way, let’s look not only at Madara, but Sasuke Uchiha as well. So technically, Madara Uchiha’s eyes are not even his own, but Izuna’s, while Sasuke Uchiha’s belonged to Itachi Uchiha. So Madara Uchiha’s eyes are basically this.

• Madara Uchiha’s eyes are:

• Izuna Uchiha’s cells
• Izuna Uchiha’s chakra, or at least Sharingan chakra
• Madara Uchiha’s own chakra or at least Sharingan chakra
• Indra’s chakra
• Asura’s chakra

• Sasuke Uchiha’s eyes are:

• Itachi Uchiha’s cells
• Itachi Uchiha’s chakra or at least Sharingan chakra
• Sasuke Uchiha’s own chakra or at least Sharingan chakra
• Indra’s chakra
• Asura’s chakra
Or both merged into one, simply Hagoromo’s chakra
More complex than it seems at first isn’t it… so with that out of the way, there are two things that I wonder about. First, If Izuna Uchiha were to be alive and to take Madara Uchiha’s eyes, thus his own eyes back, would the ‘Eternal’ part of the Mangekyou be retained or would it revert back to Izuna’s own Mangekyou Sharingan? Second, would Izuna be equally compatible and powerful with Madara Uchiha’s Rinnegan as is Madara or not, since the eyeballs are Izuna Uchiha’s own, thus, while the Rinnegan part of the eyes isn’t his, he is still technically the eyes’ true/real/original owner.

The Sasuke Uchiha/Itachi Uchiha case is the same as above, so no need to write it again.


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