I don’t know what to inform you I enjoyed this movie a minimum

Vanguard 2020: of the score is best than the zero. it’s more like fast and furious interestingly vanguard

though has not done alright in china perhaps I used to be thinking because it’s such a Hollywood

format you recognize i’ve talked about this before films from different regions particularly east versus

west is very different in them in their style. it’s more comedic and good-natured

and wholesome rather than having just like the tough cool factor that vin diesel and

therefore the rock and Jason Statham bring back fast and

furious so maybe that is what made it not click for Chinese audiences.

But i don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy this as someone who loves hollywood blockbusters.

I used to be delighted they need cars they need jet skis they have actual fighter jets

globetrotting luxurious locations plus vanguard is the family they really were sort of a family

several times watching this movie during fight scenes and a few of the driving sequences.

Vanguard 2020
Vanguard 2020 – Jackie Chan – Movie Review

The film from that perspective bonus speaking of perspective it is often funny

to ascertain the non-chinese actors. they get to be in these movies because the foreigners are hilarious

and speaking of bonuses again make certain if you are doing see this

film to remain through the top credits for that fantastic behind the scenes.

Vanguard 2020 Cast:-

  • Tang Huating as Jackie Chan
  • Lei Zhenyu as Yang Yang
  • Zhang Kaixuan as Lun Ai
  • Mi Ya as Miya Muqi
  • Fareeda as Ruohan Xu
  • Qin Guoli as Jackson Lou
  • Omar as Eyad Hourani
  • Shendiao as Zhengting Zhu
  • Silver Fox as Can Aydin
  • Abati as Sayed Badreya
  • Jackal as Ilez Badurgov
  • Broto as Brahim chab

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