Vinsmoke Sanji: the cigarette addiction

Vinsmoke Sanji: Hello, Nakama’s today I want to comment on some curious facts about the cigarette addiction of our crazy-looking eyebrows one and only Sanji.

1: The mark of smoke is King Ground (apparently favorite in the world of one piece).

Vinsmoke Sanji

2: Since in the world of one piece a Takoyaki costs around 500 Berrys, a box of cigarettes could cost 2500 Berrys and seeing all the time we saw Sanji smoke, he gets to smoke 5 boxes a day, sometimes he even smoked 20 packets, now if we met him 2 years ago and if he smoked before, Sanji have spent around 12775000 Berrys, only on cigarettes (he could have been a millionaire saving that money).

Vinsmoke Sanji

3: I do not know if they realized that sometimes Sanji seems to be the most focused on the crew, both at the time of cooking and at the time of discovering if something is a trap, this is possibly a wink to the reaction that nicotine is in his brain at the time of smoking and according to some that nicotine keeps him more awake and concentrated.

Vinsmoke Sanji

Some More Facts Vinsmoke Sanji

4: Sanji’s addiction to cigarettes seems to be serious, because in Punk Hazard, because when Law changed body with Nami he couldn’t handle his desire to have a cigarette.

5: Counting all the times Sanji smoked, and still smoking he should have needed at least 2 pairs of new lungs to survive in the condition that he is in.

6: There is a curse that the person who lights a cigarette to Sanji will die, such as Pedro and Ace.

7: Despite being the cook of the band, he hates being hungry so he smokes to calm that sensation.

8: Last in the US, they censored Sanji’s cigarette for a palette, lollipop, and whatever they call it for the kids.

Vinsmoke Sanji

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