VIVO (2021) – Movie Review – A Netflix Animation

VIVO 2021 A Netflix: Today we are becoming to taking about

the Vivo (2021) movie which may be a Netflix animated movie.

vivo which is that the third Sony animated film this year we

still have another this year hotel Transylvania 4. vivo maybe

a new musical animated film for Sony animated film and

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the lyrics for the film and also

voices Vevo. the kinkajou during this movie prepare to urge

emotional during this film there are multiple times that the

VIVO 2021 A Netflix
VIVO 2021 A Netflix Animation Movie Review

movie really pulls on your heartstrings we’ve Vivo and Andres

two really likable characters within the beginning of the film

that has this strong connection they may not be ready to

understand one another vivo may be a very adorable kikiju

and Andres is an older gentleman and that they have this

common love for music well, Andres at some point gets a

letter from an old partner inviting him to her farewell concert

in Miami and he features a billet dour that he would really

like to offer to her and it’s up to vivo to return that message

VIVO 2021 A Netflix

The film really pulls on your heartstrings

when it involves certain relationships within the movie without

spoiling or making a gift of certain things even though they

fairly come pretty early within the movie so Vevo’s journey to

visit miami are some things vital to him there could be tons

of roadblocks along the way but he will stop at nothing and

therefore the journey may be a lot of fun he accepts the

assistance of gabby a tween who bounces to their own beat

of her drum and together they form this relationship

throughout the movie, as she helps him get to Miami so he

can deliver this billet dour they need a very strong bond

VIVO 2021 A Netflix

throughout the movie and it does provide tons of fun energy

as they’re happening this journey the movie features a really

strong setup introducing the characters features a really

fun journey within the middle of the movie that’s really

upbeat and features tons of great music but the top I just

felt was very forgettable and that is where just like the big

payoff is meant to be the entire journey leading up to the

present one scene at the top of the film didn’t feel very

satisfying everything leading up thereto I felt was very

strong from the characters the relationships the writing the

music the comedy all of it had been really fun. you can tell

there is a lot of energy into the character tons of there is

also, there’s a lot of private touches to the character and

when it requires for a few emotional moments he’s there

to deliver really great voice acting we even have Zoe

Zaldana brian Tyree Henry, Gloria Esteban, within the film

everybody within the movie does a very great job of

voicing their characters providing that personal touch

tons of great energy and just memorable performances

throughout the animation is basically great also. it had

been really fun to watch this movie. If I even have missed

any great point about this Kindly comment below so as

that everybody can share. We’ll be happy to tell us about

them in the comments So write your thoughts down below

within the comment box and truly as always you’ll inspect

some more of my blogs.

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