Well Written Characters: 10 Characters Who Were Ruined By One Scene

Well Written Characters: A few extraordinary characters throughout anime have been portrayed, including Spike Spiegel, Edward Elric, and Sailor Moon. Watchers hook onto these characters and their accounts to perceive how they develop and change throughout their series.

Their Arcs genuinely make the notable characters in anime noteworthy. Regardless of whether there are some hindrances, the experience is positive by and large.

Tragically, there are occurrences where a thoroughly decent person is destroyed, according to the crowd. Whether because of awful conduct, confusing decisions by the essayists, or simply running out of altruism from watchers, a few characters change from top picks to more risky figures with a solo scene.

Well Written Characters

10. Rachel – Tower Of God (Well Written Characters)

Pinnacle of God follows Twenty-Fifth Bam, a kid who consumed his time on earth caught underneath the puzzling Tower with his dearest companion Rachel for the organization.

When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam pursues her out of affection. Throughout 12 of the 13 episodes in the anime series, crowds get resources into Rachel and Bam’s profound bond with one another.

Toward the finish of Tower of God episode 12, Rachel sends Bam to the brink of a stage in a level-out murder endeavour.

Not exclusively does this disloyalty appear unexpectedly, but at the same time, it’s uncovered that Rachel has been covertly desirous 100% of the time of Bam this entire time. It’s a shock for both Bam and watchers in an unsavory manner, even with the explanation in the accompanying episode.

Well Written Characters

9. Shigure Sohma – Fruits Basket (Well Written Characters)

Natural products Basket follows Tohru Honda. She winds up associated with the strange reviled Sohma family, whose individuals can transform into Chinese Zodiac animals when moved by the other gender.

A misleading adorable shojo story from the outset, both the manga and the anime wrestle for genuinely dull subjects. One person that epitomizes this trickiness is the Dog of the Zodiac, Shigure, who controls everybody in the series to get what he needs, explicitly Akito.

While he excites an amiable disposition, one scene, specifically, is frightening where he talks with Tohru about the idea of the Zodiac Curse. While it’s a snapshot of dissatisfaction on his part, the reality Tohru never really was addressed that way winds up souring the person.

Well Written Characters

8. Katsuki Bakugo – My Hero Academia

Bakugo, apparently one of the co-leads of My Hero Academia, stays a disruptive figure among watchers of the anime. While the person develops into a mindful individual as the series advances, a critical second almost immediately ruins him for some.

The scene being referred to is scandalous among My Hero Academia watchers. Bakugo tells Izuku Midoriya, the hero, to “Go take a swan plunge off the rooftop!” for the Quirkless person to get a Quirk in the following life. At the same time, Bakugo is frequently a harasser to Midoriya. But, of course, there’s a line between harassing and advising somebody to hurt themselves.

Well Written Characters

7. Kenshin Himura and Kaoru Kamiya – Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection

There is some discussion for crowds of Rurouni Kenshin if the OVAs made after the first series are viewed as a group, particularly Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection. There are many not-extraordinary minutes inside the OVA, yet one sort of vestiges the characters of both Kenshin and Kaoru is one go. In it, Kenshin meanders now and again to make up for his past activities

yet gets back home with a mysterious sickness. Kaoru requests that he have sex with her so this mysterious sickness might contaminate her and sympathize with his agony. Then, at that point, the two of them engage in sexual relations for this to happen precisely as Kaoru means.

Well Written Characters

6. Maes Hughes – Fullmetal Alchemist (Well Written Characters)

In Fullmetal Alchemist, the passing of dearest figure Maes Hughes is quite possibly the most grievous second. Hughes is a dedicated companion, incredible at his specific employment, and one of the most hovering fathers throughout the entire existence of anime. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to partake in the person knowing how his story will eventually end because of his awful passing.

While there’s nothing terrible about the person himself, Hughes is an illustration of how a tragic end can retroactively demolish the person in rewatches for crowds.

Well Written Characters

5. Anthy Himemiya – Revolutionary Girl Utena

In the realm of Revolutionary Girl Utena, duelists battle in a competition to win the Rose Bride, Anthy Himemiya, for the ability to change the world. During the series, the dull mysteries of Anthy and her sibling Akio become exposed, yet Utena battles for the wellbeing of Anthy. The connection between Utena and Anthy becomes further as time and the series advances for the pair.

In the last duel between Utena and Akio, Anthy betrayed Utena. She abruptly uncovers her more obscure reason and nature, destroying probably the best relationship in anime.

Well Written Characters

4. Son Goku – Dragon Ball GT (Well Written Characters)

Dragon Ball establishment is loaded with unexpected developments, unusual minutes, and amazing battle scenes. However, out of the aggregate of Dragon Ball, which flaunts numerous anime series, manga, and movies to its name,

the most noticeably terrible section for crowds (outside of the surprisingly realistic Hollywood form) is Dragon Ball GT. This is exemplified by Goku age relapsing once again into a youngster, which winds up feeling like a significant advance back for the person generally speaking.

Well Written Characters

3. Inuyasha – Inuyasha (Well Written Characters)

The will they/won’t they strain among Inuyasha and Kagome is at the centre of the long-running anime series Inuyasha. Tragically, Inuyasha is as yet hung up on his ex, Kikyo. Not exclusively is Kagome the rebirth of Kikyo, yet Kikyo likewise gets revived at a certain point. Inuyasha again will, in general, lose all sense concerning Kikyo, in any event,

when she has gone to the dark side after her revival. At numerous places in the series, Inuyasha goes to Kikyo, despite things with Kagome getting somewhat heartfelt. While it’s theatrics for the story, it likewise seems that Inuyasha inclines toward one over the other unambiguously.

2. Chibiusa – Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Chibiusa is the future girl of Usagi and Mamoru, who comes to the past to save what’s to come. While her relationship with Usagi, who is Neo-Queen Serenity, later on, is somewhat laden,

he inverse is valid with her dad. A well-known adage proposes each young lady’s first love is there; however, Chibiusa takes it to an upsetting level, particularly concerning Black Lady.

When Chibiusa turns into this more established and insidious variant of herself, she programs Mamoru, and the two almost kiss. The reality Chibiusa does this to the more youthful variant of her dad adds another measure of yuck to the entire procedure.

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura Akemi

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is one of the most outstanding enchanted young lady animes. In addition to the fact that it is an intriguing deconstruction and disruption of the magical young lady saying and story, however,

the anime centers on the subjects of penance, pain, and trust. Madoka turns into a goddess to assist with securing mysterious young ladies. While it’s horrendous for the individuals who adored her, it leaves a strong message.

Then, at that point, the film occurs. Homura, a supernatural young lady who lives various timetables to save Madoka, transforms into the Devil as a component of her insane and possessive love for her companion. It sabotages essentially all that made the first series convincing and mixed, particularly for the person herself.

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