What are the 5 most popular video games?: 2021 will undoubtedly be a banner year for gaming, there is no doubting that. 2021 year has already seen the release of a number of well-known video games that have immediately attracted millions of gamers. Interestingly, the majority of those who are stranded at home due to COVID-19 are experiencing video games for the first time. If you drop into this category, it is typical for you to look for top video games to play in 2021.

There are a few video games that, in 2022, gained enormous popularity. In this post, we’ll examine the top 5 video games.

popular video games

Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing: New Horizon, a game created for the Nintendo Switch, provides you the flexibility to build whatever you want as a villager. Players in New Horizons can interact and explore each other’s creations, just like in Minecraft. Animal Crossing: New Horizon allows you to essentially live a fantasy life.

Astonishingly, after being released in March 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizon attracted nearly 5 million gamers in a single month. During the COVID-19 shutdown, this video game also served as a platform for online protests, weddings, and many other events. Being the most played games in 2021 and 2022, Animal Crossing: New Horizon still merits a spot on the list.

popular video games

Outriders (popular video games)

Co-operative role-playing game Outriders was created by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. When the game was released on April 1st, 2021, gamers couldn’t help but play it.

Unsurprisingly, a number of players are chastising the devs for the game’s persistent downtime. The developers are putting a effort into enhancing the game’s performance, but that is only partially the reason.

One of the major features that players adore about Outriders is the three different classes it offers. Beyond that, the game has amazing playability and customizability, making it one of the most played video games in 2022.

popular video games

Grand Theft Auto

A smashing success, the most well-liked video games to appear in the last ten years! Countless copies of GTA V have been sold, and it has generated enormous profits. The most notorious series is GTA. The moniker GTA causes parents and opponents of violent video games to tremble in terror or wrath. All of the extracurricular activities, including driving, are enjoyable in addition to the campaign stories.

In GTA 4, players enjoyed playing water rescue. Someone launches a boat into the water, jumps off, and another person must fly in with a helicopter and approach the water near enough for the person in the water to grab onto and board. The helicopter primarily merely approached too closely.

popular video games

Minecraft (popular video games)

Office complexes are being constructed by businesses on private servers in Minecraft! To meet with clients and do business, they actually use the structure! If you’re a less well-liked game, that doesn’t occur inside of you. The popularity of Minecraft has grown steadily since since it suddenly appeared. Additionally, several fantastic Minecraft memes are available if you want a good chuckle.

There is it all over. In addition to us occasionally digging a hidden hobbit hole, adults and tiny infant children both play it. It fits nicely with any social situation or circle because it is so endearing and enjoyable. The school has decided that Minecraft is the finest game ever, and with good reason.

Wii Sports

Undoubtedly, playing Wii sports is fun. The roller rink might not have closed down and Pacman might rank higher if it were more comparable to Wii sports. But only Wii sports can compare to Wii sports, not others.

As one of the Wii console’s flagship games, this game undoubtedly ranks among the most well-known video games to have been released in the 2000s. Overall, it’s entertaining for all ages and has a huge number of copies sold. The main drawback is that, except from possibly in Japan, it was included in every Wii sale. Therefore, it’s possible that Wii Sports’ success is merely a byproduct of that of The Wii. We’ll never find out.


These are the best five video games of 2022, then. The list could have included a tonne of other well-known video games, of course. We ultimately chose to limit the numbers to just five, though.

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