Episode 1 Review WHAT IF Season 1 (2021)

WHAT IF Season 1: Today we are getting to talking about The Suicide Squad (2021) which is a series coming from Marvel. marvel’s what if maybe a series that’s actually a reasonably brilliant series the series of hypothetical episodes of what if this one thing was different

what if this person zigged rather than Zagg what if Peggy carter became captain America or captain Britain starts out with the watcher narrating it’s like he’s getting to be the narrator for of this what-if episode voiced by Jeffrey wright which completely is sensible why because if Jeffrey wright features a typecast its genius brilliant r d tech guy

WHAT IF Season 1

who also may need a really intricate understanding of the multiverse I just quite assume that about him though beyond assumption he did show to possess that understanding in ASCII text file. so I just think he’s an excellent voice for the watcher.

I love how this was executed so this is often Peggy carter becomes the super-soldier rather than Steve rogers due to one thing she was like no I’m getting to stay and therefore the watcher’s even like alright that is the moment that created this fork that might cause a really different outcome and that

WHAT IF Season 1

I love that as explained repeatedly before and lots of pieces of entertainment and whatever it is the small changes that cause a vastly different outcome so I appreciate the very fact that during this what-if episode the primary episode is this one small decision seemingly small decision.

that results in a vastly different outcome therefore the bomb pops to like oh we’re close to lose an excellent soldier program Peggy carter’s like I’ll catch on Howard stark flips the switch she becomes captain carter and that

WHAT IF Season 1

they spend a subsequent half-hour doing one thing and one thing only killing Nazis yeah

they don’t take scalps for trophies but nobody’s perfect also the animation and sound design I assumed was really smooth the animation looked great and therefore the sound is they’re actually mcu sound not like it’s a computer game adaptation so it sounds a touch different.

I mean it’s marvel studios so they’re going to have an equivalent sound effect but you actually feel that when the vibranium shield is smashing into helmets smashing into soldiers smashing their heads to the bottom during a fight scene or sequence.

I prefer the animation that’s a bit like one frame boom bam and concrete just cracks I dig it that is what they didn’t hear I actually felt the impact that’s what I’m trying to find in something like this but this episode does answer.


The decade-long question could the plot of Captain America the primary avenger be crushing down into half-hour, yeah I mean it isn’t a play-by-play but they pretty much undergo the most beats of In the plot of Captain America.

WHAT IF Season 1

the primary avenger need the train scene the train blows up you think that Steve rogers dies he features a big mech by Howard stark which initially. I used to be like what Howard stark made an iron man suit or an iron monger suit anyway in war ii but is sensible because tony stark was able to build this during a cave with a box of scraps.

so I suppose his dad could build an enormous mech suit in war ii but it had been neat to ascertain things play out differently it had been neat to ascertain captain carter come to the fashionable age with actually, Samuel l Jackson is voicing nick fury she basically involves the portal.

the way Loki did but it had been her and now. she’s within the 21st century I prefer that Jeremy runner was hawkeye therein one scene Samuel l Jackson was nick fury in that one saying the voices for the foremost part were the people you knew from the live-action version say for a few

Chris Evans isn’t Steve rogers.

On a personal note this whole thing just kind of wraps into that moment of realization that it is going to be one of the most loved series of marvel Universe. I wish there will be more dimensions to be open so as its fans going to experience something different.

it had been really fun to observe this episode. If I even have missed any great point about this. Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about them within the comments. So write your thoughts down below within the comment box and truly as always you’ll inspect some more of my blogs.

Thanks for reading.


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