What if Orochimaru trained Sakura, Jiraiya trained Sasuke and Tsunade trained Naruto?

Jiraiya trained: Before all else, Naruto consistently had issues with his basics and chakra control. His taijutsu was underneath average. He was never acceptable at evading. He likewise wasn’t great at concentrating on his adversaries. Tsunade will clear this large number of short comings.

Tsunade is one of the best at chakra control on account of her aptitude in clinical ninjutsu. If she shows Naruto this, he will utilize his enormous all-around holds very efficiently. He can likewise mend himself in battle. His saves are, as of now, so high that he can recuperate himself and competition at a similar time. He will right away accomplish the byakugou seal since he, as of now, has extraordinary chakra.

Jiraiya trained

He will likewise figure out how to tackle the nine tails chakra better and change into at least 3 tails and keep his consciousness and battle viably because the Byakugou preparation expects you to store a portion of your chakra in the seal while battling, which is incredible mental exertion, so he will want to hold the monster back from assuming control over his body.

However, we should begin with Sasuke first.

If Jiraiya trained Sasuke:

Jiraiya trained There may not be a lot holding among him and Jiraiya; assuming there is, I feel it’ll feel like a Shikamaru Asuma kind of bond. Jiraiya will most likely not have as much fun similarly as with Naruto. Sasuke will give a mean look and back off at whatever point Jiraiya attempts to look at young ladies or talk about young lady-related stuff.

However, I can see Sasuke being affected and be better at associating with young ladies and have some get stunts that can help him in missions. Sasuke will be less dull and turn out to be surer, generally speaking. I can see Sasuke having some frog companions, and he might even get hazier frog procedures like Kashin Koji’s True Flame of Samadhi, which is very lethal and come from frogs.

Jiraiya trained

He can even cause his frogs to implant (Jiraiya trained)

If he, some way or another, opens his Mangekyo, then he can even cause his frogs to implant Amaterasu blazes into the True Flames to make it significantly more remarkable. Since Jiraiya is a specialist in fixing, I can see Sasuke investigating more on improving methods,

to such an extent that he might have the option to perform gigantic region selecting like Frog Supersession. Then, at that point, about the sage mode,

I don’t know whether the frog sage would honestly acknowledge somebody with Sasuke’s character. Maybe on the off chance that they reject him, Sasuke can coincidentally find the sky domain of birds of prey

and get a falcon sage mode that accommodates his goal-oriented and robust character. This would make Sasuke a quick flying beast,

Jiraiya trained

and he might have the option to rain Amaterasu feathers down his adversaries. Generally, Sasuke will, in any case, turn out to be exceptionally unique, maybe more like Kashin Koji, with better friendly abilities. Sasuke will likewise profoundly regard and love Jiraiya even he may not communicate it.

If Orochimaru trained Sakura:

I can envision the plot being that Sakura needs to help Konoha against this huge danger Orochimaru. She has become exceptionally developed and accessible, as we have found in the group.

So she will penetrate and acquire the trust of Orochimaru. Like this, she submits herself to Oro and gets his preparation. Oro may not think that she is too uncommon, not at all like Sasuke from the get-go, yet will steadily be intrigued because Sakura can still be up in the air for something.

Thus, she will prepare and concentrate truly hard for aiding Konoha and claiming to be not before Oro. Perhaps she’ll profess to abhor Konoha with some phoney dramatization to bamboozle Oro, and she’ll sweat a ton when conversing with him,

Jiraiya trained

yet she knows she’s getting things done for great. Be that as it may, even she means well. She’ll be tainted by Oro and turn into a genuinely dim individual. Sakura has regular ability in genjutsu. While Kakashi might not have extended this ability,

Oro can pointedly see it and foster it. Perhaps she’ll make Sakura an overwhelmed CCer utilizing genjutsu with extremely difficult to counter genjutsu capacities like Tayuya’s woodwind. Oro realizes she can’t coordinate with the Uchiha in eye genjutsu,

so he may foster different methods for genjutsu or directly up try different things with her body and relocate some sharingan or other kekkei Genkai tribe eyes into her.

Sakura a clinical help like Kabuto

Oro’s huge shortcoming is genjutsu; rather than making Sakura a clinical help like Kabuto, he might make Sakura a genjutsu backing to help Oro break out of genjutsus and apply genjutsus on the adversaries. This can cover his shortcoming and help him in battling Itachi.

Sakura may experience Itachi at some point and understand the sheer contrast in their genjutsu power. However, Itachi sees Sakura’s good heart for Konoha and chooses to move the information from Shisui and himself to Sakura

Jiraiya trained

and make her a genuinely incredible genjutsu kunoichi. Perhaps he’ll project a genjutsu on her to assist her with preparing to her continually. This worries her intellectually. However, it will pay off at last by making her a Kunoichi without hax bloodline that can coordinate with Shisui.

However, I don’t anticipate that Sakura should carry on with a typical life regardless of returning to Konoha. Instead, she’ll stay dull and resemble a tumultuous decent individual with all the earmarks of being malevolent.

If Tsunade trained Naruto:

Naruto’s character synchronizes well with Tsunade’s. Naruto will go with Tsunade and watch her bet and possibly assist her with bringing in cash, so she has the money to bet. Tsunade will gradually show him valuable stuff, particularly in the space of chakra control.

I can see Naruto turning into a jinchuriki as great as Bee with his preparation in chakra control. Naruto will zero in on chakra structure change, which, said by Kakashi, is way more complicated than essential change. Naruto will most likely still gain proficiency with the Rasengan. After all, it’s his father’s Jutsu. In any case, he can transform it into numerous helpful shapes; he can likewise control what it’ll mean for his foes, maybe up to careful accuracy.

Jiraiya trained

Naruto will likewise learn clinical ninjutsu. Hee can nearly save a withering individual with his nine tail chakral, being a lot more grounded and enormous Jugo. Naruto might achieve some insane peculiar jutsus like sub-atomic rasegans to harm an adversary in the cell level and are difficult to counter.

Difficult to counter jutsus

He might foster some infection jutsus like Boro as well. With his nine tail chakra, he can tank and mass mend and has some particularly difficult to counter jutsus that can annihilate the most grounded adversaries. He’ll resemble Giorno Giovanni in fight style. He can utilize his immense ability in innovativeness after giving a ton of valuable information by Tsunade. We realize that Naruto’s sole issue previously

and surprisingly after the time skip (before SM) was his chakra control and missing taijutsu structure and style. He was deficient in the angles, not because he was awful at learning, but basically because nobody instructed him. Tsunade cannot show Naruto controlling Kurama, yet she’ll ensure Naruto’s chakra control is extraordinary,

his response speed is first class, and he has fine doctor collection. In any case, more significantly, she will hammer tones of books in that mind of his with his shadow clone strategies, which would be a considerable reward if she did. Tsunade will have additional time assisting Naruto with fundamentals instead of attempting to show him something she can’t.


There’s likewise the issue of recovery. Perhaps she could assist Naruto with fostering his recovery by effectively getting to his imperativeness intense chakra for a much quicker average recovery.

By and large, Jiraiya trained Sasuke then Sasuke will be solid, quiet, absolutely dependable, like a lot more grounded denounced any authority Asuma. Sakura will be a dim turbulent great young lady that is difficult to tame and bond with. Naruto will be a full imagination medical clinic with some deceit demeanor.

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