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Gaara Is the shinobi of Village Hidden in the sand (Sunagakure). He Was made the Jinchuriki of the One-tailed Shukaku before he was just born , causing the villager’s of sand to fear him as a monster. pretty much his life is same as Naruto uzumaki except he never found any Friend’s or teacher’s like Naruto did (sasuke , sakura , kakashi , Iruka , Jiraiya , Lee) both have been Jinchuriki since the day and they both were raised without a parents Love. that’s Why Gaara Alway fell lonely and searching for Love But He Never Found and Also His Father kazekage Wanna Kill Him So that’s Make Gaara More Angry. After That Gaara kill own his uncle, who was sent by his father (Kazekage) to instead kill Gaara. He received negligence from his own people and this made Shukaku over take Gaara’s consciousness at time. But in the case of his Uncle Killing it was probably his mother who protected him as a shield, though gaara didn’t realise it for long. he felt neglegence and lonliness even more. After Gaara Realizing nobody loved him , Gaara used his sand to create a tattoo on his forehead, “ai” (愛) Which means “Love” , as the a symbol of a “demon loving only himself” when Gaara his uncle tried to kill him he told him how his mother give name him Gaara because she wanted him to love only himself and stay alive at all cost. but When Gaara Killed his aunt he finally went wrote and psycho the Kanji on his head and thoes we have our present Gaara that we all know and love.
It were actually 2 Kanji’s that shuaku old container combined to show shukaku how love can be recieve . the 2 kanji’s which meant “Heart” & “Receive” when combined to become the kanji’s for kanji’s actually represent Shukaku and its Jinchuriki long awaited search for love from the other’s and not the “demon loving only himself” which is the misleading representation from the initial part of the series where bijuus were shown it be evil.
What is Meaning of Gaara Name ?
The name Gaara come’s from the Japanese origin. In Japanese the meaning of the name Gaara It is A name made up of three Kanjis characters. Ga means “me” ai means “love” and ra meaning “demon.” The name of a character in the internationally popular in Japanese manga “Naruto.”


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