The observation i made after a study ! That it still can’t be decided if that a tenseigan or a Byakugan !
You guys are really intent to know about what is the visual powers of the right eye of uzumaki Boruto! And what Boruto eye it is ?
i  did some real work on research and i did go through every user of the byakugan ! And i found something really interesting.

There were several byakugan user’s and they all had the puffed nerves when they activate it to use.
And till now! The only characters which possess byakugan till now are –

1. Uzumaki Boruto (first appeared in byakugan first clip in episode First of Boruto : Naruto next generation )

2 ⇒  “AO” of the hidden mist ! ( 1th appeared in Naruto Shippuden in land of iron where the 1th five Kage conference was held ! He got  byakugan in his Right eye stolen from a hyuga clan member in 3rd great ninja war )


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