No Way Home: So finally the teaser trailer of no way home has been launch by marvel and as expect the teaser trailer was literally epic. The trailer has set the internet on fire thanks to Marvel introducing some of the old and familiar faces in the trailer.

No Way Home

Who is confirmed for No Way Home? Tobey? Andrew?

Although many fans and publications were continuously reporting that we will see Tobey and Andrew in this movie

in the teaser trailer marvel has not revealed about Tobey and Andrew coming back to the Spider-man franchise and the trailer has only shown a small intro of the old villains of the Spiderman series.

No Way Home

As it was already reveale by marvel that Spider-man no way home is going to feature Jamie Foxx’s Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man 2 and Matt Murdoch

but apart from that the first trailer has also reveale that the movie is also going to feature versions of Sandman, Green Goblin and Lizard. Now the only thing that I can put forward about the villains is that the sinister 6 (group of 6 villains, reference taken from marvel comics)

are going to come from some parallel universes and that’s why even electro was shown yellow in the trailer instead of blue as in the marvel comics in some other parallel universe electro was of yellow color instead of blue.

No Way Home

And of course, we do know that doctor strange is going to play a huge and pivotal role in this movie, and there are chances that we might see two different doctors strange from parallel universes fighting with each other.

Trailer Breakdown: Hidden Details Explained

trailer starts with Peter spending some time with his love interest MJ where MJ says that According to some reports spiders have some ability of hypnosis and they can hypnotize females to

which Peter replies that cannot they spend more time there as it is very relieving and then the scene shifts and we see Peter going somewhere with MJ in his hand and suddenly every news channel has start flashing

the news that Peter Parker is Spider-man and then as expect Peter life gets screw up after this incident and everyone starts troubling Peter.

No Way Home

The police start investigating why he has killed Mysterio, the haters start saying him a devil in disguise, his college mates starts making fun of him and Peter finally screwed up from all this, finally, goes to doctor strange to ask

if somehow he can clear everyone’s memory and can make his identity hidden again.

No Way Home

Wong tells doctor strange to not cast that spell (No Way Home)

Doctor Strange did not say anything but then Wong tells doctor strange to not cast that spell because that spell is very dangerous to which doctor strange lies to Wang that he won’t cast that spell

and then Wang goes somewhere, probably he went to fight abomination that we will see in Shang chi and doctor strange went with Peter to some mysterious place and starts the preparation of the spell and just when he was about to cast the spell Peter starts questioning about the spell.

that can they leave one or two-person from this spell-like MJ or Ned or Aunt May and because of Peter interruption spell goes wrong and multiverse gets create now there are many possibilities to the creation of multiverse at that time because it is possible that the time at which doctor strange casts his spell is the same time when Sylvie kills he who remains and thus multiverse gets to create.

Now things get interesting from there on as doctor strange said that the multiverse is the thing about which they know very little hence things get weird from there for both Peter and strange and there

we get a scene in which we see yellow thunder and sandstorm indicating sandman and electro from some other universe and after some time we see peter and doctor strange on a train in a desert,

doctor strange was wearing a black colored suit

but this scene is the most susceptible scene as in this scene doctor strange was wearing a black colored suit rather than his normal blue colored one,

now those who don’t know in some parallel universe there is another bad doctor strange who wears black and that’s why there are high chances that this scene is indicating the presence of two doctors strange in the movie. And then finally we see peter’s encounter with sandman and electro

and then suddenly doctor octopus comes and says “HELLO PETER “. So the trailer has been very cleverly made by Marvel and they have not reveale any noticeable detail. in the teaser trailer

and we can expect that whatever is shown in the trailer is only the starting 30-40 minutes of the movie and there is much more that is going to happen in the movie.

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