Who is more powerful, Naruto or Sasuke?

sasuke naruto 2 by dragonitearmy d9fryx5
sasuke naruto 2 by dragonitearmy d9fryx5

While this is an incredibly controversial topic on  naruto and sasuke, There are several factors to consider while comparing both strengths for various characters.
Here are some of those factors which may play a role in the determining your fate in the shinobi world.
1. genetics and Chakra Level While one can improve ones chakra level by the training, certain individuals (refer like Uzumaki clan) are born with high chakra to begin with the. Similarly kekeitouta and Kekeigenkai are key in determining the strength of shinobi as well.

2. attitude and Persistence A hard working shinobi may or may not here come out ahead (example like being Rock lee, Kosuke Maruboshi etc) but on the focus of the series has been on self improvements and never giving up, so natural talent along with hard work (Hyuga Neji) will be beneficial and acknowledgement and provide power

3. impression over others Shinobi mission’s are group activities, and as such the power of a shinobi to lead and inspire is a skill’s that is practically mandatory for jonin.

4. Ninshu, jutsu and nindo The power is usually (but not always) determined by the attitude and the jutsu one may possess. I remember thinking how cool Kakashi hatake was when I heard his nickname “The copy ninja”. So the number of chakra nature’s under ones they control is a measure of the talent I guess, I ultimately translates to power.

Naruto Uzumaki has tons of Chakra, and has been seen to gain control and use it over the all series, having the tailed beast’s sealed in him, that’s the pretty much all in the genetic and natural side of things for him. He is determined, no doubt, and can easily acquire the support for his aim. That’s going for him too.

Sasuke Uchiha on the other hand has been hailed as a genius, is extremely talented and also possess the great chakra (as mentioned by obito, Kabuto and several others), along with the his fabled sharighan (and later, the rinnegan). so, he’s a potential and genetic gold mine, no wonder all the girls fall over him. Next, it is seen that he is an established leader, where in he leads snake, and later Taka and instantly gets all his earlier leaf village comrades to forgive him and joins the battle in the war.

Now,consider about, while Naruto Uzumaki is a bit of an air head, though his mental perspicacious has improved over time. He is first stubborn and knows the number of effective jutsu he knows is actually just 3. With a single chakra nature control in his belt, which he can only use in sage mode, he is easily justified to be only a genin.

Sasuke Uchiha on the other hand, a boy genius that he is,has mastered two chakra natures fire and lightning. he has a advanced chakra control, as show by his ability to shape the lightning in the form of a blades and other such intricate items. He is also shown to be a highly observant and can form strategies on the go.  Also, the curse mark used by sasuke Uchiha with the help of juugo is a version of the sage mode chakra.

So, I believe that though Naruto Uzumaki puts up a good effort, Sasuke Uchiha has him beat. Both of them have good points to them, but in the public loves a good underdog story, and that’s what Naruto Uzumaki is, an underdog.

Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha were the reincarnations of Ashura and Indra, and it was attempted by the rikoudou to balance out their power which he did.
But in the addition to that, sasuke Uchiha and naruto Uzumaki each developed their own techniques their power’s can be compared as the following

Naruto Uzumaki (is somewhat) = Sasuke Uchiha
Rasengan = Chidori
Fuuton RasenShuriken = Chidori Spear
Sennin Naruto Uzumaki , Double Rasengan = Amaterasu
Bijuu Dama = Susano’o arrow
Kyuubi mode ,Six Paths mode, Yin = Perfect Susano’o, Six paths eyes, Yang
Sage kyuubi mode ={MS}mangekyou sharingan
rage kyuubi mode(eyes& whiskers) = Sharingan
Truth the Seeking Balls = Rinnengan
and their 3 combo, the Rasenshuriken+Kagutsuchi (manga) and rasengan+Chidori (games), Susano’o Kyuubi Susano’o Kyuubi.


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