Shins Uchiha Body possessing Shisui’s Chakra. Said so by Ao when he saw Danzo Arm and right Eye. One of them coming from Shin Uchiha. Shins control over his Doujutsu. And Shisui’s corpse which was never founde. But There You See Shisui Uchiha Have Different Mangekyou {MS} Then Shin Uchiha That Explain Shin Uchiha Is Not Shisui Uchiha.
Something About Shin Uchiha ⇒
Shin Uchiha was a former test subject of The Orochimaru. After The developing a fixation on the Uchiha clan and more specifically Itachi Uchiha he took the Uchiha’s name for himself and left The Orochimaru taking his sons with him. Believing that peace was a detrimental to human evolution Shin began a plot to revive the Akatsuki again so that the ensuing conflict would be a catalyst to further’s human evolution. At some point Shin became intrigue by the Uchiha clan’s especially Itachi Uchiha. As such he began to copy the Uchiha adopting their surname and customary clothing as well as numerous Sharingan which have been implante all over his body. His Sharingan-embedded right arm was harvested by Orochimaru and transplant to Danzo Shimura along with some of Hashirama Senju cells. Some time after this Shin left Orochimaru side and took most of his clones with him.
Shin possesses The a unique genetic make up that will completely accept the any new genetic material be it organs, tissue and entire limbs, without a chance of rejection allowing him to fully integrate it into his being. Doing so also allow Shin Uchiha to make use of any genetic modification at it’s full potential. According to Orochimaru it is this very trait that He made it much easier for permanent and separate entity clone’s of him to be created. These clone’s are seemingly grante the same genetic modifications Shin himself under went. Shin also has a great endurance able to survive Sakura chakra enforced punch long enough to be treated with open surgery which he performe himself while casually talking to the capture Sakura.



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