Who is the 8th Hokage?: Legendary Shinobi Konohamaru has long aspired to be the Hokage. After becoming Naruto Uzumaki’s apprentice, he now works to embody the will of Fire and defend the hidden Leaf. Initially, he just wanted to be recognized as someone other than the Third Hokage’s Grandson. After his sensei Ebisu dies in the Fourth Ninja War, Naruto takes over as team Ebisu’s Jonin leader until he is promoted to Chunin. After Kiba is killed by Kara, he ascends to the position of The 8th Hokage and, along with his pupils, aids in the destruction of the otsutsuki and the restoration of Konoha. He is successful in his efforts to bring Konoha back to its former splendour and in preparing his student, Sarada Uchiha, to take the helm as the 9th Hokage.

8th Hokage

Background of Shinobi Konohamaru

A shinobi belonging to the Sarutobi clan of Konohagakure is named Konohamaru Sarutobi. He eventually turns into a genin and then commands his own genin team. After his hero, Naruto Uzumaki, he hopes to someday succeed as Hokage. Grandfather Konoha named Konohamaru after Konoha after he was born into the Sarutobi clan. The villagers only ever referred to Konohamaru as “Honourable Grandson ” due to his connection to the Hokage

as he was growing up with his Anbu parents and never by his name. Konohamaru began attempting to overthrow Hiruzen in order to succeed him as Hokage out of a desire to be respected as a person and not just the Hokage’s grandson.

8th Hokage


Konohamaru has blue eyes, short, spiky brown hair, and a tiny chip in one of his teeth. Konohamaru sometimes appears in the anime with blush marks on his cheeks. He first appears wearing a grey helmet with a hole at the top for his hair to protrude through. For the remainder of Part I, he switches these out for Naruto’s previous goggles, switching them out for his own forehead protector in Part II. He has spent his life donning a lengthy blue scarf.

Grey shorts and a yellow top with a red Konoha insignia are all that Konohamaru is wearing in Part I of his outfit. Similar to his Part I attire, his Part II ensemble has longer pants and a light green jacket with a dark green stripe running down the middle. His attire for the Rinne Festival consists of a dark grey pair of slacks, a pair of shoes,

and a zip-up grey and black jacket. Both of his arms are also bandaged. He is dressed in traditional garb for Naruto and Hinata Hyuga’s wedding. He has a slimmer face and is a decent height as an adult. When on duty, he also wears a flak jacket with the clan’s logo on a red wristband on his left arm, along with his scarf, dark blue slacks, and black sandals.

8th Hokage


Despite being introduced in the middle of a failed effort to overthrow his grandfather, Konohamaru initially takes pleasure in the fact that he is the Hokage’s grandson and frequently escapes punishment for his misdeeds. He will also prod those who are reluctant to oppose him. Konohamaru is impressed by Naruto and declares him to be both his rival and an inspiration,

referring to him variably as “boss” and “big brother” as he freely strikes him. In the anime, Konohamaru even imitates Naruto’s kabuki ninja registration photo when taking his own. Konohamaru is similar to Naruto in that he is frequently noisy, stubborn, and obsessed with creating perverse ninjutsu.

8th Hokage

Abilities (8th Hokage)

Konohamaru performed poorly in the Academy, improperly employing fundamental skills, primarily as a result of his own sloth and need for immediate gratification. His skills started to blossom from consistent training, though, as he learned from Naruto’s example of genuine perseverance. Temari commended Konohamaru for pressing her and for taking on Pain’s Naraka Path while still a genin. When he was an adult, he was a jinin, a member of the Sarutobi clan’s elite who was revered for his superior intelligence and skills.

8th Hokage


His tutors and the few applicable Naruto tactics he encountered as a student provided the most of his education. After graduation, Konohamaru acquired a number of skills more suited for combat, including the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique and the Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique. Naruto instructed Konohamaru in the Rasengan while he was a genin. Konohamaru finally mastered the technique,

which once required a shadow clone to execute, and can now do it by themselves with just one hand. Despite being uninstructed, Konohamaru in the anime was able to produce the Big Ball Rasengan.

8th Hokage

Nature Transformation (8th Hokage)

Konohamaru could employ Fire, Wind, and Yang Release before the Fourth Shinobi World War since he had gotten used to nature transformation. He is able to employ his uncle’s Ash Pile Burning Fire Release after displaying obvious skill with it. Later, he would learn the Fire Release: Great Flame Technique of his clan as well as his grandfather’s Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet. He can now use Wind Release as an adult to increase the penetrating force of his attacks

and even use it on his Rasengan, a feat that was previously only possible for Naruto Uzumaki. He has another ability in the anime called Lightning Release, which allows him to discharge a torrent of electricity around himself that will stun anyone who comes into touch with him.

Bukijutsu (8th Hokage)

Konohamaru is depicted in the anime as having a broad knowledge of many weapon types. In imitation of his late uncle, he started employing a set of trench-blade knuckles, and he was able to hold off Jgo’s rampage by fighting him with them for a while. Using the Flying Swallow, which may deflect hostile blasts, is part of this as well. Konohamaru possesses jutsu skills, just like his grandfather. Konohamaru uses a flurry of spins to deflect several assaults while being assisted by the changed Enra. For his techniques, he can also utilise a staff.

Physical and Chakra Prowess

During the Genin Exams, he was able to effortlessly defeat multiple academy students, including the Sharingan-wielding Sarada Uchiha, demonstrating his high level of taijutsu proficiency as an adult. While mid-jumping and holding a human, he could also flawlessly block the strikes of two mercenary ninja. Konohamaru possesses extremely skilled chakra control, as evidenced by his Rasengan. He is seen to have a huge supply of chakra as well.

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