Best actor in the Marvel Cinematic: Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been very selective

Best actor in the Marvel Cinematic: in hiring the perfect actor or actress for a particular role in the movie and because of

which marvel has always been successfully able to hire the best lead actor and actresses

for any particular role similarly, for instance, be it, Benedict Cumberbatch, for the role of doctor strange or Scarlett Johansson

for the role of the black widow to Robert Downey Jr for the role of iron man as well,

the selectors of marvel have always hit the Bull’s eye perfectly.

But, What happen if we have to pick one out of all the actors and actresses, because

just one that we feel is the best out of all these bests, then Guess who would that be?

So, personally let me tell you my favorite and also, with the reason of that person being my favorite

and you comment down yours also. So for me till now the best actor is Chris Hemsworth but

I know you might be having different favorites, some of you might say RDJ is the best and,

some might say Chris Evans is the best but I have various reasons for

Chris Hemsworth being my choice as the best actor in MCU Truely.

Best actor in the Marvel Cinematic
Who is the best actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Initially, when Chris Hemsworth started his acting career in MCU earlier, he might not be

that good as compared to Chris evens, RDJ or Benedict Cumberbatch actually, but, the graph of Hemsworth

acting has always gone up. in short His acting in his last three movies Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Endgame

was nothing less than amazing. Literally, I have cried just seeing the eyes of Chris Hemsworth

when he comes to Wakanda and says, Bring me Thanos and this was the not only time

I have cried seeing Chris Hemsworth’s acting skills yet. His eyes and voice were telling

the pain also and when Hulk went to meet him in New Asgard. Also, throughout the endgame

one could easily feel his pain and how he was trying to hide this pain behind alcohol further,

and his acting in Ragnarok was also nothing less than outstanding in brief

and these three movies made me a die heart fan of Chris Hemsworth only.

So for me Chris Hemsworth is the best actor in Marvel cinematic universe.


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