Who is the Blue Hair Girl in the One Piece Anime? With so many characters in One Piece sometimes it gets difficult for the anime fans to recognize them when they appear in the anime, the fans may have seen them in the Manga but later when they watch the anime they get confused about the character sometimes. Here is another character on the list who is confusing fans with her appearance the girl with blue hair. There are many characters in the series who have Blue Hair but she is getting more attention than others due to the fact that she is currently popular in the series.

The Blue hair girl who is seen recently in the series is Named Nefertari Vivi, who is one of the antagonists in the anime. She is the princess of the Arabasta Kingdom and also she was introduced in the Reverse Mountain Arc as a Bounty hunter she was working secretly as the hidden name of Miss Wednesday under the name of Boruque Works Name. she is the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Titi and belonged to the Suna Suna Clan.

Blue Hair Girl

During her time as a Bounty hunter, she partnered with Fellow Frontier Agent, Mr.9. However, after the events of the Whiskey Peak arc, she and her pet Super Ducky Karoo joined the Straw Hat Pirates for most of the Alabasta Arc after it was revealed to be a spy conspiracy against Baroque Works. rice field. Vivi left the crew to stay in her home country after defeating Baroque Works but is shown to watch over the progress of the Strawhats. she disappeared after the Wano Country Arc when her father was killed by Sabo.

Her Appearance and Personality (Blue Hair Girl)

She is a young lady with long blue hair which is why she is being called the blue hair girl, she pulls her hair in a ponytail style which perfectly suits her personality. Though she is a princess she rarely wears heavy clothes like a princess. Her personality is different from any other usual princess she is not demanding at all or she doesn’t seek any attention from anyone In fact, she usually puts the needs of others ahead of her own and is reluctant to rely on others or ask for help with her own problems.

In particular, she attaches great importance to the lives of her citizens and her friends. Vivi’s selfless nature prompted her to take a detour to get medical help for Nami, rather than going straight to Alabasta, even though she knew her country was in a state of emergency. It was especially obvious when I asked for the crew.

She is also brave and determined and is not hesitant to face enemies who are far stronger than her and save her friends. She loves her country and tries to do her best for it.

Blue Hair Girl

While she was traveling with the Straw Hats, Vivi had great respect for Luffy, whom she admired and always helped. They traveled during the Arabasta Saga, she was admired by everyone on the ship which is why she is one of the best characters in the series.

Abilities and Powers

Vivi is a princess which means that she already has great authority in her country. She is a great diplomat and can easily defeat anyone with her great sense of talking. Also as a kid, she was very kind and wise. Vivi has proven to be a very capable spy and also displays great skill in stealth and other covert skills. This has been clearly demonstrated as Vivi is extremely adept at moving around undetected, having established herself as a number member of Baroque Works for two years before her identity was compromised. and she returned to Arabasta completely without citizenship.

Her actions as a spy went completely unnoticed by the Marines, the World Government, and even the Lords of the Sea of ​​Crocodiles for over two years until her cover. was eventually defeated by Miss All Sunday. Since leaving the Straw Hats, she seems to have managed to keep her role as princess,  while also successfully keeping her past as an agent of Baroque Works and a companion of the baroque. a secret pirate crew of the global government and navy.

Blue Hair Girl

Physical Abilities

She might not be an expert in combat skills but she has more experience than any other member of the Straw Hats Pirates which she has proven many times in the fights. To gain more mobility in the battle she uses the Karoo and she is naturally more agile than anyone else through which dodges the attacks of enemies that are thrown at her. She can endure pain such as bullet wounds and other things which make her bleed on the battlefield. She is not physically storing which can be evident from the fact that struggled against a single Bananawani while Luffy and Zoro defeated many of them that are why she is not good at handling physical attacks which come to her.

Weapons (Blue Hair Girl)

She has a Kujakki which is a Peacock slasher, small sharp discs attached to her fingers by wires and she is handling them with both hands. She can behead anyone with this in a single slash which makes her even more dangerous with the weapons. Before joining the Straw Hats, she had another attack, first seen on Zoro:  Miwaku no Memaii Dansu, in which she performed a hypnotic dance using concentric patterns on his outfit. The effect immobilizes his opponent and creates an opening for his ultimate attack. In the anime (where her outfit design was changed), this attack is replaced by Miwaku no Kousui Dansu and relies on a special scent for effect.

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