In Next Episode Sasuke Ask Fuushin About Itachi He Know Something About Itachi and sasuke wanna know What he know and Orochimaru Tell Sasuke you have to might have find something if you go to Hell Valley then sasuke said He wanna go see this Hell Valley with My Own Eyes.

Then Sasuke find’s the Kirigakure ship abandoned on an a isolated island and no one on aboard. He discovers a dazed man who attack’s him but Sasuke easily defeats him and then Sasuke discovers more shinobi whom are the one’s who attacked on Konoha. Sasuke use his Sharingan to break the genjutsu on them and the offers to take them back home. When one of the Kiri ninja’s cut’s himself and doesn’t explode Sasuke detects unusual chakra that sasuke believes is responsible for the genjutsu. Nowaki and Chino cut their wrists and Sasuke detects the same chakra sensation from Nowaki who admit’s he possess the Wind Release and attacks Sasuke who use the Susanoo to throw Nowaki off but find’s that the boy’s Typhoon Release is the too strong. Sasuke then summons Aoda whom he instructs to the jump through the core of Nowaki’s wind typhoon and then Sasuke hits the wind with Chidori to electrocute the Nowaki. With Nowaki defeated Sasuke use Sharingan Genjutsu on him and learn that Nowaki once cheated families and out of their money before they being caught and tortured by one of his victims and he decided to get the revenge. To Sasuke’s surprise the Chino reveals she is from the Chinoike Clan which has been believed to be extinct and she attacks on the Sasuke with her Kerryugan and summons the giant waves.


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