There is still room a for someone other than Karin to be Sarada birth mother. If the reader is meant to trust Sakura’s over Ochimaru regarding what a parents is and to dislike Sarada turbulent reaction to the genetic test results, Naruto Gaiden 10 comes to a close as we confirm that Sakura’s is actually the mother of Sarada Uchiha while Karin is in fact the person who deliver Sarada when Sakura was in their hideout. While Sarada might not know this,but she understand it’s feelings and the connections that connect them together and what makes who they are This is the final chapter of this series.

Naruto Gaiden 10 begins with Sarada Uchiha showing her power as she jumps into the middle of all the Shin and kicks their ass. Naruto stops one of these Shin and shows him Kurama, to which it scares him. He tells him that there is nothing to be afraid of, if he doesn’t do any worse, than he won’t do anything either.

Sasuke Uchiha calls him too soft, asking what he is going to do to them. He said that there is an organisation for orphaned kids, Sasuke knows that they have Sharingan to which he will support them with their training and so on. Chocho tells Sarada Uchiha that her own family is awesome having total superhuman strength.

Her eye’s have also activated with her Sharingan Sakura approaches Sarada Uchiha and quickly give her a big hug mentioning that she was very worried. She also mention that she learnt about their plan’s to fight from Shizune she mention that she is her child no doubt about it And an idiot child that is.

Sarada Uchiha goes on to mention that it’s what feelings that make and connect everyone Sarada ask if her feelings are well and truly connected to Sakura to which Sasuke Uchiha mentions that it’s true while Sarada Uchiha ask how she can believe him.

To which Sakura and Sasuke Uchiha mentions it is because they have her. They all go on ahead At the orphanage we see all the Shin even the big one, as Kabuto has become the head of the orphanage he mentions that he is their father now. Elsewhere we see Chocho notice that someone from the back as she ask if they’re her real parents.

Out of now here we see Choji in his slimmer form to which Chocho is shocked Ino mentions that anyone who might see him now would be shocked at this form now Chocho ask if this is some kind of secret passed down through the Akimichi clan to which is it and quickly ask to start her training tomorrow.

After some time we go through the day as SaradaUchiha, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura all spent the night together as they eat some food together. It’s time for Sasuke Uchiha to once again go on a mission Sasuke Uchiha goes on to hug her on top of which he puts his finger’s on Sarada forehead. Sakura give Sasuke his lunch and they look at each other but he keep her waiting and not kissed her.

He smiles as he move on later on Boruto’s talk to Sarada Uchiha thanking her for what she done and delivering the lunch box She mention that she also reached her own goal so it’s him who she will thank Sarada mention that she want to become Hokage so she can help everyone, to which Boruto’s thinks she is ridiculous.

Further more Karin quickly mention that she the one who delivere Sarada the DNA she got was from the umbilical cord between Sakura and Sarada Uchiha. Sakura was chasing after Sasuke when she end up at the hideout where she helped deliver Sakura.

Karin mention that she just want Sasuke Uchiha to be happy and there is also some friendship between woman too she not over him Connection comes in many form she also mention that he need to apologize to Sarada Uchiha for all of it. And she owe him a new pair of sunglasse’s. She’s also out grown the last one she gave her We see a family portrait of Sarada Uchiha with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Naruto Gaiden 10 ends here. A fantastic end to the series, on top of which Sarada Uchiha probably now knows that Sakura is her real mother. And having a brilliants new family portrait to make it all nice and leg it is something that she will truly like This is the end of this series so there most likely won’t be any more chapters after this is Although a new spin-off serie would also be pretty cool.



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