Tony stark In India: As We, all remember that legendary scene from Spiderman homecoming,

Tony stark In India: At First when Tony stark was in India attending an Indian wedding.

But you must have thought After listening attending an indian wedding

mind started to run whose wedding it was that Iron Man was attending in India indeed?

So, if we deeply analyze all the matte then we can find other reasons for Iron Man being in India

attending a marriage and the main reason for attending that marriage

was actually to get some details about Bruce Banner who disappeared

at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron and considering the fact that he earlier,

in The Avengers movie was living in Kolkata as well.

Tony stark In India
Tony stark In India: Whose marriage was Tony stark attending in India?

So here i want to add a thing that nobody knows if he might again be in India this time as well.

however i told you earlier yet the reason of Iron Man of attending a marriage in India

was to actually get some details about Bruce banner it was guessed.

who might be in India, this time also and it is also supposed that,

because of having powers like him might want to keep his mission

in fact as secret and that’s why he finally used that marriage to hide or to change himself

or his appearance so that nobody can recognize his actual mission

so that nobody could actually get to know about his actual work

and all may think that he has actually come to India to attend marriage!

is short or briefly i want to clear that people or fans were thinking

that spiderman was here to attend a marriage but actually, he was here on a secret mission

Whatsoever might be the reason but it was an absolute delight to watch Iron Man in the Indian attire.


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