Adult Naruto & Sasuke Still Possess Their SixPath Powers

SixPath Powers: Naruto Uzumaki & Sasuke Uchiha had lost

their sixpath powers in Boruto anime. This has been a really

conflicting topic for the last few years now but this is a total

misconception as it is doubtless not the case. Well, let’s see,

First of all, look at what constitutes theirs in question sixpath

powers. Please read all blogs as this is a long post.

SixPath Powers

SASUKE UCHIHA SixPath Powers:-

Sasuke Uchiha awakened the Rinnegan after he receives

Chakra from both Hashirama Senju and Hagoromo otsutsuki.

yakushi Kabuto also used Hashirama’s cells to heal his deadly

injuries. Sasuke Uchiha also receives most of the power for

the Sixpath chibaku Tensei Jutsu which appears as the

half-moon seal on his left hand and later return to Hagoromo

otsutsuki after otsutsuki Kaguya was sealed. Although the

SixPath Powers

moon seal return to otsutsuki Hagoromo, Sasuke Uchiha still

retain the Rinnegan and all its relate powers. The Rinnegan is

a dojutsu of the sixpaths and is imbue with Sixpath Chakra.

So this means Adult Sasuke Uchiha still has his Sixpath powers.


Naruto Uzumaki acquires sixpath sage mode after he receives

half of otsutsuki Hagoromo’s chakra as well as the Chakra of

other tailed beasts. He also receives half of the power from

the Sixpath chibaku Tensei which appears as the Sun seal on

his right hand and later return to otsutsuki Hagoromo after

otsutsuki Kaguya was sealed. Please note that although the

SixPath Powers

Sun & moon seals were really powerful, they weren’t

necessarily responsible for Naruto’s and Sasuke’s sixpath

powers as Naruto Uzumaki still had the Truth-Seeking Balls

after the sun seal returned to otsutsuki Hogoromo. The 4

Chakras that made up Naruto’s sixpath sage mode in

Naruto Shippuden were:-

1️. Yang Kyubi Chakra

2️. some of Chakra from other Tailed beasts

3️. Sixpath Senjutsu Chakra

4.Toad Senjutsu Chakra.

Let’s look at why Sixpath Senjutsu Chakra & Toad Senjutsu

Chakra are part of the Sixpath Sage mode. While Naruto using

only Sage mode, Naruto has only 3 key facial features in this.

a. Yellow irises
b. Orange color around the eyes.
c. Toad Pupils

SixPath Powers

The addition of Kyubi’s Chakra or rather adding Kyubi mode

to Sage mode grants Naruto the Kyubi Sage mode. This

introduces and combines Kyubi’s fox pupils with the already

existing Toad Pupils in the ‘yellow irises’ forming the Slit we

see in the pics provide. However, the orange color around his

eyes remains until Naruto Uzumaki acquires Sixpath Senjutsu

Chakra from otsutsuki Hagoromo. Now, in Sixpath Sage mode,

the orange pigmentation disappears but the toad pupils &

yellow irides remain, signifying the presence of Toad Senjutsu

Chakra. The reason why the orange pigmentation disappears

is simply because Sixpath Sage mode Chakra is in use and is

a more superior senjutsu Chakra to the Toad Senjutsu Chakra.

In ‘The Last’ Movie, Naruto Uzumaki uses Kyubi Sage mode

not Sixpath Sage mode proving that he can use either power

as he chooses. As an adult, Naruto Uzumaki now has Kyubi’s

complete Chakra, as well as the Chakra of other tailed beasts

but, has somehow lost the 9 tomoe on his back, his

Truth-Seeking Balls, and the ability to fly. However, there is

still no orange color around his eyes while using his Chakra

mode. This means that what Naruto is currently using in the

Boruto anime isn’t Kyubi Sage mode but a nerfed version of

the Sixpath sage mode. And so in conclusion, both Naruto

Uzumaki and Sasuke still possess their sixpath powers in the

Uzumaki Boruto anime. The dissipation of Naruto’s nine tomoes,

Truth-Seeking Balls, and his inability to fly when he did so in

the ‘The last’ movie is still shrouded in mystery. However, we

do know for sure that had Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki

used their complete powers against otsutsuki Jigen, their loss

wouldn’t have been so pathetic. Both characters have indeed

been nerfing for sure and their key abilities suck out by plot

leeches. For what reason though, I don’t know.

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