Why Boruto is not up to the mark like Naruto?

Why Boruto: Now, take a cold pill before throwing good old words such as rocks and pebbles. I’m not a member of the Anti-Boruto Squad (but let me know if you find one). The only goal of life is to defeat Boruto and keep people happy. I have longed for and loved all of this ninja’s actions since Naruto’s day.

But after seeing almost 136 episodes of Boruto, I regret saying I was disappointed. What am I doing here? Why is it still so boring and dry? Why is he missing something essential to us? Where did everything go wrong?

Why Boruto

Let’s answer these compelling questions.

1. Masashi Kishimoto does not write to Boruto:

Yes!! You heard (seen) it correctly. The great and spectacular Naruto author rejected the offer from the author Boruto from the beginning and instead let his teammates Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto take the initiative.

There is no doubt that the way Masashi drove Naruto was excellent. However, after experiencing all the joy that Naruto offers, anime fans expect a lot from Boruto, and frankly, Ukyo and Mikio don’t have such magic yet. We hope that you will be inspired and inspired by Masashi to express the joy we have been waiting for. For all curious fans who want to know why Masashi left Boruto.

Why Boruto

2. Boruto is not an outsider like Naruto:

Yes, yes, Boruto understands that, unlike Naruto, it requires its originality. Well, I’m not saying that both anime should be the same, but let’s face it, Boruto is already good at science, fighting strategic battles, his friends and society, OP (Shinobi) There are a lot of skills,  defeated god-level characters such as Dojutsu (Jogan), Rasengan that disappears, Moshiki and Urashiki, and Karamark.

There is nothing weak about him. There is no reason for him to keep improving, keep fighting or live for it. That is, whatever he wants, she gets her pretty quickly. There is no quarrel, no hurry, and no pain. Now all of us (at least humans) respect ordinary people, ordinary people, nothing special, like us, but with his tenacity, determination, given with no attitude this person achieves or achieves some extraordinary feats.

Why Boruto

People respected him, “Hey, he did it, look, he did it, he was like us, but he never stopped.” But in Boruto, this regular No sexual connection occurs.

3. No strong supporting characters:

This is child’s play, and we all need to agree with it. Boruto lacks a solid supporting character. An effective character. A feeling that dramatically shapes the story. Not only fountain pens but also characters are added to the motif. Looking at the world of Naruto, there are many powerful supporting characters. Characters include Kakashi, Itachi, Jiraiya, Madara, Sasuke, Orochimaru, Obito, and Pain.

Each character experiences their life, their story, and we begin to compose emotions for them. Kakashi is suffering from his past. Itachi secretly protects Konoha and lets the world accept his wickedness. Orochimaru is crazy, showing both faces of people (cruel and compassionate) Sanin, the pain of trying to make peace by wiping out the whole world.

Why Boruto

From supporting characters to villains, each character had a weight, a lasting impression, and a life-changing influence for everyone in the ninja world. Most of us have seen Naruto not only for Naruto but also for supporting characters, stories, emotions, and lives. We were all attracted to the TV screen.

In addition to being a single story, these heavyweight characters interacted with each other and shared connections. Kakashi, Obito (friend became a friend’s enemy), Itachi Sasuke (bloodthirsty brother vs beloved brother), Jiraya Pain (student kills his own master who gave him life). We all miss these fascinating stories and connections at Boruto. Most characters have been taken over from Naruto’s world, but either retired or lacking screen time, but Boruto is still relatively late in this section.

Why Boruto

4. Battle: (Why Boruto)

Boruto has undoubtedly improved, and some battle scenes are certainly fascinating but still empty and have gaps Because there are voids that separate them from being completely miserable. The battle lacks strategy, inspiration, mystery, intelligence, analysis, hard work, and overall emotional lack.

How many people remember the excellent Boruto battle after episode 136 (honestly, only Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha deserves it), and on the other side, how many people remember Rock Lee vs Gaara. Please think about it. Please tell me how great this battle is. It was full of action, strength, determination, emotions, hell, at least I was excited after seeing this fight.

Why Boruto

What might be said about this fight between Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Kakuzu, Hidan, it’s an activity stuffed, scientific, puzzling, incredible, canny, and has a ton of feelings towards Kakashi, yet all of you comprehend.

All of these battles were rarely seen by Naruto, but they are some of the best fightings in Naruto’s history. You can see them at any time and still feel the emotions. The battle at Boruto is simple, but the animation and effects are great, but the core is still missing, with no tactical intelligence, secrets, analysis, strategy, and most importantly, emotions.

Why Boruto

5. Bad Background Theme / Soundtrack

I don’t know how many people agree with me, but most of Boruto’s background themes (sorry) are complete junk. Leave it alone. I listen to them separately. I don’t even like listening to them in the anime itself, and I usually mute / skip these sections. Background topics are essential for all forms of entertainment. Choosing a good soundtrack/theme is a crucial factor in making your scene memorable.

Whether it’s an action-packed battle scene, a character introduction screen time, or a sound background track with an emotional “talk”, it simply doubles the strength of the moment. Listen to this despair or sadness and sadness theme, which is Naruto’s true masterpiece. I cried when I heard this, but I still hear a lot.

A good background theme gives this perfection to delicate scenes, perfectly adapting to fragile emotional moments, bringing them to life, and connecting them to the audience. Boruto hasn’t yet come up with a tragic theme that immerses the viewer in joy.

6. Ray of Hope: (Why Boruto)

Hey, keep people down, everything will not be lost, and the sun will shine again. Looking at Boruto’s anime, despite having 136 episodes, it feels like the anime is still in its infancy. There is still a long way to go before the final verdict is made, and I think anime will gradually become higher-quality content as history progresses.

I hope they try to bring it back to life by adding all the missing elements in Boruto. As a follow-up to the Naruto series, sooner or later, viewers/critics (including me) will naturally compare it to Naruto, and Ukyo Kodachi and Mikio Ikemoto to meet those demands. I have to work their donkey. Maybe they can be inspire by Naruto’s anime to deliver the ultimate cheers that all Boruto viewers are covete.

If I even have missed any great point about this topic Kindly comment below so as that everyone can share. We’ll be happy to inform us about this within the comments So write your comments down below.

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