Iron Man in endgame: In this para I am going to tell We all have seen endgame,

Iron Man in Endgame: I think probably Many times and we all have tried to notice Many hidden details in the movie in fact.

So let me tell you an interesting fact, that the screen time of Captain America was more than

the screen time of Iron Man despite the fact as usual that Iron Man

was going to die at the end and also was going to sacrifice his life for the safeguard of the world

In these lines, it is said that iron man was more powerful than Captain America

because iron man always ready to sacrifice his life for saving the world.

in the same way, Also it is worthy to mention that Iron Man was the one

who even started Marvel cinematic universe hence he should have got more screen time

than Captain America so it is clear that he is the only person

who started MCU so this said that he is more seeing person. But still,

Captain America got more screen time indeed.

Let’s us analyze the reasons behind it!

Iron Man in endgame
Why did Captain America get more screen time then Iron Man in Endgame?

So there are many probable reasons for that. in which one is that,

if we try to analyze, Although Iron Man is the one who started the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain America is the one who was the First Avenger, actually, captain America

was also very powerful as compared to iron man because he is known as the first avenger

for endgame Captain America has always been the heart of Avengers,

his decision-making abilities and leadership abilities have made him the true Avenger leader

indeed and hence because of this,

I think Captain America get more screen time than Iron Man

who is the creator of the Marvel cinematic universe and who dies at the end for Mankind.


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