Dr. Strange: As We, all have seen Avengers infinity war

Dr. Strange: and we all remember that Dr. strange saw about 14 million future possibilities of fighting

with Thanos and Also he said that they will be able to defeat Thanos

in only one possibility Yet. So there is a question that arises Here,

that if Dr. strange had destroyed the time stone at that time

then Thanos would not be able to get it At last.

But why Dr. strange did not destroy the time stone

That just like Scarlet Witch destroyed the mind stone?

Because Dr. strange had already seen all 14 million possibilities of fighting with Thanos

and on the other hand in those 14 million possibilities destroying time stone

Dr. Strange
Doctor Strange: Why didn’t Doctor Strange destroyed the time stone, Thanos would not be able to get the time stone

That was also a possibility and in that possibility also,

Then Thanos defeated Avengers and completed his mission

eventually, because we have to always remember one thing

that even if time stone gets destroyed immediately then also

Thanos would still be alive now and as he is Thanos,

Even who is the most powerful person of the universe So

he could have found some other way of completing his mission earlier

and that’s why even if Dr. strange had destroyed the time stone

Then the final outcome would still have remained the same Yet.

Moreover, if we think more deeply then we can easily analyze

that whatsoever happened was actually the plan of DrStrange

in fact it means DrStrange had already seen the one possibility in

which avengers would be defeating Thanos finally and hence whatsoever

he did or rather whatsoever happened in avengers infinity war

That was actually the Drstrange the plan that was leading

to the one and only possibility of defeating Thanos.

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