I know it sounds spiteful, but I can’t get around this question. I know academically, Itachi scored the highest in Leaf Village history, second only to Minato. I also know that he graduated from the Academy at 7, became a chunin at 10, and became an anbu captain at 13. Because of this, in many of Itachi’s versus debates, such as Itachi vs. Madara, Itachi vs. Nagato, etc., people constantly argue that Itachi will find some way to “outsmart” his opponent and win. But in every battle Itachi has ever been in, he’s pulled out a previously unheard of technique to either save his life or win the fight. His fights are the definition of anti-climatic, yet he’s regarded as some kind of strategical genius. Despite this, I believe Sasuke is a way better strategist than he is. What are your opinions?


  1. Itachi is one hell of a prodigy, i’ve noticed that itachi is the only shinobi in naruto who had some sort of limit placed on his Strength/chakra…Go back to edo tensei itachi, it is said that reanimations have unlimited strength and stamina and we are told that itachi’s stamina problems stem from the fact that he had a disease, so then now that he’s a reanimation he should be able to fight with all his strength yet we see him still utilizing incomplete susanno in his fight against Kabuto….also in order to archieve higher/greater visual prowess you need Hatred or the loss of something dear to increase your sharingan capabilities, and yet Itachi not only slaughtered his entire clan he murdered is Mother, Father, and his girlfriend and also suffered the loss of his Best friend or better yet older brother Shisui and he only archieves Mangekyou and incomplete susanno, and yet madara on the other hand lost probably his Father and brother and gains eternal Mangekyou…the way i see it, Itachi power was greatly underestimated probably because the only adversary he had to face was a younger weaker Sasuke.

    • To earn the eternal mangekyo u need to transplant two another sharingan to yourself, remember that sasuke and madara have become blind and madara stole the eyes from it’s Brother and sasuke transplant the eyes from his dead brother

  2. The one thing in Naruto about Itachi is that he always lied to everyone! He was the best at that tbh. When he told Sasuke that Madara exists, he knew that Obito was posing as Madara and that the masked man Tobi was an Uchiga. He also knew about the 4th Hokage’s legacy. He knew about pain’s rinnegan probably,because when he fights Nagato in edo tensei mode he blinds all the summonings made by kabuto, also he finds a way to destroy planetary devastation. He knew things which were not supposed to be known for a common shinobi. He was extremely philosophical and knew how life worked. Obito feared him. That’s the reason Akatsuki didn’t attack konoha until Itachi died. He could have easily killed Sasuke and took his eyes fir EMS. But ge loved his brother dearly. If itachi had EMS, madara would have not been resurrected!

  3. Itachi was genius and knew uncommon things including The Reanimation jutsu, the official line is that EMS can only be done between clansman, that means be it your Mother, father, Brother or sister, through them you can obtain EmS, Itachi had known that His Father possesses MS, and yet after Slaughtering his family Itachi should have Easily Obtained EMS, by taking His Father’s Eyes, but i agree with Dhruva Veldi, that ‘if Itachi had EMS, madara would have been resurrected’Thus another point where we see Itachi’s potential stemed.