Why does Sakonji Urokodaki wear a mask?

Sakonji Urokodaki who was introduced in the second episode of the Series is the master of Tanjiro kamado. Giyu took Tanjiro and Kamado to Sakonji to help in training. Sakonji trained Tanjiro by giving him difficult tasks and making him do unbearable training. Initially, Sakonji disliked Tanjiro but Looking at Tanjiro’s dedication and love for his sister.

Sakonji helped him by giving him training. He lived on a mountain alone in a small wooden house. Sakonji took care of Nezuko while she slept and made Tanjiro do the training without any interference. He Taught Tanjiro how to use water techniques. During training Sakonji always worn a mask and he is shown wearing a mask always. This is due to the fact that he thinks that his face is funny and anyone will make fun of him as Fighters have to look fiersome.

Sakonji Urokodaki

That’s why he always wore a mask. He also gave cat or fox mask to his students whom he trained as a sign of good luck for them in fights. He lost many of his students to a demon called the Hand demon. Sakonji always had a regret of it. He usually didn’t like anyone but He liked Tanjiro and helped him. He gave Tanjiro the same mask for good luck. So his mask is both a lucky charm and protector. The days that he charges the mask with a protection spell.

Sakonji Urokodaki

His two most good students (Sakonji Urokodaki)

But regrets that his students were killed by that hand demon. His two most good students Sabito and Makimo too were easily killed by hand demons. This made Sakonji doubt About himself and his ability to trains anyone. When giyu took Tanjiro to him he was not sure whether he will able to train Tanjiro or not. And he also feared that he will also be killed by a hand demon in the Demon slayer corps selection Exam.  He used various harsh techniques to train Tanjiro.

Sakonji Urokodaki

In the final training, Sakonji made Tanjiro break a big boulder of stone with his sword. He said to Tanjiro that not only the sword will help you to cut it but your inner will to defeat the Demon will help. Tanjiro wasn’t able to do it. But sabito came as a spirit to help Tanjiro and finally Tanjiro broke the boulder and became the master. In the exam when everyone was easily killed by the demon Tanjiro who always help anyone who stood against him.

Later he killed the demon and survived. When Tanjiro won Sakonji also gave him the same mask. He got for every student and felt very proud of him. Tanjiro took the mask with him and worn the mask on his head. Later he removed the mask. He then continue his journey and got into the Demon slayer corps to avenge his family’s death by killing Muzan.

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