Why Loki didn’t turn into a frost giant when he entered TVA?

frost giant: Loki web series is the series that is showing us

the true capabilities of marvel that if marvel gets series then

how much power it has to create wonderful movies and series

the wonder and amazement that Loki web series has brought

were somewhat lacking in the previous two series of Marvel

that is Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wanda Vision.

Every episode of Loki brings new mysteries and new secrets

frost giant
Why Loki didn’t turn into a frost giant when he entered TVA?

and that’s what turns Loki into the most interesting web series

of marvel and it is still not over it means that there are many

more thrilling things on the way that are still to come.

Now as every Loki episode also brings some confusion to

the fans and one of the confusion is that why Loki didn’t turn into frost giant in TVA.

So if we go back in Marvel movies then we will see that when

Odin defeated the frost giants and adopted Loki, he at the

same time gave Loki Asgardian’s physiology and that’s why

frost giant

Loki turned into an Asgardian afterward. But there are also

certain instances where we have seen Loki returning into his

original frost giant form like in Thor the Dark World movie

when frost giant touches him and also when he touches

the casket of ancient winters he also turns blue hence

we can conclude that whenever Loki touches any special

thing directly related to them (the frost giants) or when

he comes in contact of any frost giant he gets his original

form back. And that’s why Loki cannot change his form as

frost giant

per his wish, unless or until he comes in contact with any

frost giant, he will remain in the Asgardian form therefore

Loki didn’t turned into frostgiant form in Time variant authority.

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