As We, all have seen, Even all the movies about Thor

Thor: and I guess we all have specially noticed how he has kept getting stronger and stronger as with his every passing movie yes although endgame

was an exception but still if we compare that how we have seen him

in Thor to how he was in the avengers to Ragnarok also where he realized

his potentials even without his hammer mjoiler to avengers infinity war because where Stormbreaker made

him an altogether more powerful hero yes I realize that Thor was shown weak in the endgame

Indeed but still there is a chance that we see Thor again in his muscular and powerful Avatar Truely.

Will Thor be more powerful than ever, in his Upcoming Movie?

Although in the marvel comics he is shown much more

powerful yet than how he is shown in his movies and many fans actually,

have been quite upset regarding because they extremely feel that they have not seen him to his full potential

as usual as and I have felt the same thing also And because of this there is even a great chance

that we will see an altogether more powerful he

early in which he realizes his powers again and finally

he becomes the never before seen most powerful God Truely.Let’s see what happens!


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