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William Vangeance: The Clover Kingdom employs several powerful guilds made up of their most powerful magicians in the realm of Black Clover. The Golden Dawn stands out among all the squadrons for various reasons. They are, first and foremost, the guild of the series’ third protagonist Yuno,

but they also play a vital role in the plotline of the series’ major arc. Fans have speculated that William Vangeance wears a mask because he is hiding his identity as Licht. There’s no reason for anyone to suspect Vengeance as the commander of Golden Dawn, the highest-ranking guild. Let’s look at some facts about William Vangeance.

William Vangeance

10. William Vangeance First Captain of Golden Dawn

William Vangeance is the first captain of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights’ Golden Dawn squad. He is thought to be the most likely candidate for the position of Magic Emperor. He is twinned with Patolli, the elf captain of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Patolli allows himself to be exorcised and is resurrected in an artificial body, so they are separated. William is a 26-year-old man with a slim frame and average height. His eyes are purple, and he has short white hair.

The Golden Dawn’s signature squad robe, which covers his body and is gold in hue, is worn by William. It has a pair of red ropes from the left shoulder and links to the gold-colored button on the right shoulder and blue-colored fur trim around the hood’s border. In addition, the squad’s symbol is located on the left-hand side. William is dressed in a long scarlet cloak that reaches his ankles beneath his robe.

William Vangeance

9. William Vangeance Wears a Mask

William is dressed in a helmet that also serves as a mask, covering the upper portion of his face. The mask is made up of a vast gold piece covering the area around his right Eye and a minor blue part covering his left eye. The back edge of the helmet contains white and red fur patches and two white feathers that poke up on the left side. The right eye hole has a red border outline with two lines protruding on the top and bottom sides,

whereas the left eye hole is white with significantly longer stripes. Due to a curse cast on his mother’s family, William’s face has a massive scar that spans from his nose upwards and covers the entire upper half of his face behind the mask.

William Vangeance

8. William Vangeance Beloved by his Men

William is adored by his men and commands their complete devotion. He has a calm, polite approach when chatting with others and always wears a pleasant smile. Because most of his expression is hidden behind his mask, he exudes a mysterious atmosphere. He is a careful, observant character who recognizes Asta’s incredible athletic ability during the exam and tries to keep the other captains in control during Gueldre’s attempt to escape by pointing out that someone else’s magic may influence the other man.

William Vangeance

7. William Vangeance Difficult Childhood and Pain

Despite his horrible background and the anguish and loneliness he experienced, William is a genuinely kindhearted person who is not disheartened or irritated by his unfortunate circumstances. His connection with the elf Patolli emphasizes his enormous kindness even further. Even though they are of different species and Patolli has a deep loathing for humans, William is unconcerne. He decides to defend him no matter what because he senses the little elf’s inner grief and pain, even though he had no idea who or what Patolli was at the time.

William Vangeance

6. William Vangeance Wears long – sleeved Shirt

William is dressed in a long-sleeved, double-breasted shirt with a high collar. The Shirt is white on the sides and blue in the middle, with white on the sides and blue in the center. The blue part of the front of the Shirt has gold accents and buttons. Except for the wrist area, composed of a yellowish fabric, the sleeves are predominantly white material. William’s Shirt reaches below his waist, and he wears a dark belt over it. He also wears a pair of high black boots and white jeans.

William Vangeance

5. Relationship with Julius Novachrono

William thanks Julius Novachrono, the Magic Emperor, for being one of the first to accept him despite his “cursed” appearance. William holds the Magic Emperor in high regard for this. He has devoted himself to living up to his expectations of what a Magic Knight should be,

working tirelessly to ensure that his team, the Golden Dawn, is the best of the Magic Knight squads. Because of his admiration for Julius, William couldn’t decide whether to support him or Patolli and instead choose to let the two fight it out. After regaining control of his own body, William would come to regret his decision, tearfully apologizing to Julius after learning he had survived the conflict.

William Vangeance

4. Betrayed the Clover Kingdom

Despite his position as the head of the guilds, William Vangeance turned out to be a traitor to the realm. He didn’t understand it, of course he shared his body with an elven spirit who despised humans, especially those with significant magical abilities. This became a bigger issue when he became the Eye of the Midnight Sun leader.

William Vangeance

3. William Vangeance Possessed by Elves

The Golden Dawn had a number of their own taken over by elves during the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s raid on the Clover Kingdom, in addition to William Vangeance allowing the captain of the Eye of the Midnight Sun to enter his body. Many of them kept much of the power they had gaine from being take over by the elves in the aftermath, which benefits the Kingdom.

2. Immense Magic Power

As the captain of a Magic Knights unit, William possesses incredible magical abilities, including the ability to make a hole in the sky and summon massive tree roots. He can also absorb the mana of neighboring mages to boost his magical power to deadly levels, allowing him to cast a spell covering all of Kiten. His usual powers are classed as Stage Zero, despite being an Arcane Stage wizard.

1. Relationship with Yuno

William spotted Yuno’s promise as one of his newest recruits in the Golden Dawn. Compared to the rest of the Golden Dawn, William was more than accepting of Yuno’s commoner status, and he expected him to perform great things as a member of his squad. He even went out of his way to return Yuno’s magical stone necklace,

which the elves had snatched during the conflict. With Yuno eventually rising to the vice-captain position, William’s earlier predictions for him appear to have come true.

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