Windows 11:

This upcoming month of June might be the actual release month of the Windows 11. It is expected that the release date will be June 24, 2021.

Till yet Windows 11’s some leak snaps are floating with new Start-Up Menu, along with Taskbar and boot sound. It will show some more snap features.

Windows 11 might be made to available to us as a new free upgrade for not only Windows 10 users.  

But also too for those users who are running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

XDA Developers had spott a few about the product configuration keys which was leake regarding of Windows 11.

This new windows 11 is build is carrying titles for upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

These keys might be the indication and hint for the Microsoft so as to bring Windows11 so far as a new free

upgrade for all the users on older Windows operating systems 7 and 8.1.

Windows 11
Windows 11: New version of Windows leaked online

However, it is more bit surprising and interesting so as to note down that

the Windows 8 isn’t still a part of this configuration keys.

This suggests and shows that the users of Windows 8 can be require to first upgrade

to the Windows 8.1 before to moving on to this new Windows11.

Windows11 is now also including some new fresh snap controls which will gives

you an access to the maximize button of all apps.

They will be more modern equivalents which will be the cascade of windows function. Means to say that they have existed with in the operating system of Microsoft around for many years.

You can also be able to quickly snap all the windows side by side, or you can arrange all of them into sections over your desktop.

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