Wonder Woman 1984 (2021): Today we are getting to talking about this movie titled woman 1984 (2021) movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2021): there are some good action scenes towards the top but there

are few and much between with a two and a half-hour run time.

I desire the action scenes are very limited within the movie it is a lot more of character growth.

What I actually couldn’t get invested in the story which was an enormous disappointment on my behalf of me.

I actually liked the primary movie, What I really enjoyed the primary woman film it’s one among the higher films from the dc

then I used to be looking forward to a replacement period of time for woman

and a few new villains and overall really disappointed with woman 1984.

I could say about this movie is that it does feel very campy and it seems like a comic book movie

it isn’t gritty or grounded or realistic as that previous film but it embraces

these changes in this era that’s within the 80s and therefore the tone of it seems like it is the 80s.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2021)
Wonder Woman 1984 (2021) – Movie Review

Diana prince where she must tell the reality she believes in being faithful yourself

and she’s an excellent superhero.

I actually love her as a personality and he’s the entire opposite he wants

it all he wants to possess these schemes he wants to lie he gets what he wants and can manipulate people.

It is one-time watch movie.

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