Words bubble up like soda pop (2021)

The words bubble up like soda pop a new anime film from Netflix fans of anime

need to see this adorable movie after meeting one bright sunny day a shy boy.

this is a very adorable Netflix anime film anime movies lately really focus on

relationships in a magical setting or a realistic setting very similar to this film

which mostly takes place. a lot of similarities between most recent anime films

and this just fits in nicely with the ones that I’ve seen most recently is it the

Words bubble up like soda
Words bubble up like soda pop (2021)- Movie Review

most groundbreaking. she smiles always wears a mask to conceal her large

front teeth what worked the best for words bottle up like soda pop is the

characters they’re completely different but they are dealing with things that

They struggle on a normal day cherry is very relatable.

the hardest time so cherry is easily relatable because he wears headphones

and he’s able to express his feelings through haiku and you can tell though

that he wants to communicate with a smile he wants to open up and he has

these words that he wants to express they’re bottling up like soda pop get it

so the characters are easily relatable and that is what drives the film for me

Words bubble up like soda

personally is that I’m able to watch this film and connect with the character

and smile on the other hand is popular on social media but she wears a mask

to hide her big front teeth that’s also something that I related to but the two

characters are very adorable and they have but they express themselves

through social media and art and they’re able to connect that way within

the film and these characters are very likable as well they have a lot of

Words bubble up like soda

Respect for the elder in the film.

there’s a lot of detail to the mall the characters design all of it it’s really good

to look at something i don’t really talk about in anime films. their feelings

towards each other, the musical score is able to be upbeat and energetic so the

poetry and the musical score all kind of come together to make a film that’s

also nice to hear and so with the visuals that are really good and the very

relatable characters and the really simple story of just connecting and expressing

your feelings through art and social media the film comes together to make

a really enjoyable very quick anime film I highly recommend checking out

words bottle up like soda pop.

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