Ymir curse? Eren or Zeke both will sacrifice themselves to stop the curse?

Ymir curse: I think that I may be not the only one that has a gut feeling on the fact that maybe

Isayama may pull a Fairy Tail card on us where by some unexplain occurrence causes the

curse to be lift right before our Suicidal Bastard dies, ending the series with a fairly cliche

tone as Eren and Mikasa get together (Not that I mind.) and so do the others. If that were

to happen, SNK would no longer be a unique Shounen series since it follow the same

road as other big series.

Ymir curse

Ymir curse why i think so:-

1) Keith Shadis said Grisha Yeager came to walls 15 years before the attack on

shiganshina. this means that grisha Yeager from the time of his arrival to the time of his

death, live 15 years, more than 13, which defies the curse. could it be that he found a


2) Even so, the shifters body wears out during 12th year just like uri’s body did, even

though he was young. Grisha looked fine which means that he was ok at the time he was

devoure by eren, which was around the 14th year after him getting the shifter power. it

could be that he cured himself of his ailments.

Now think of it, I don’t think there’s a curse in the first place either. A lot of people have

said before we’ve never seen anyone actually die from this ‘curse’. They all get eaten. I bet

the shifters allow themselves to get eaten because they’re flipping out about their time

being up and the story being true and the power will be lost to who knows where and who

knows who. And then a search starts all over again. Come to think of it, neither Krueger

nor Zeke nor Grisha or anyone else. who’s 13 years is/was coming to an end look to be

on the verge of death. We also don’t know the true story of Ymir anyway. It was state

both the Marley’s and Grisha’s stories were wrong. Besides, I don’t think Isayama is about

to suddenly throw in a magic and curses are real plot. That’d just be bad story telling.

The royal family’s brains were primitive anyways…

its just the weakness cause by the constant usage of power… nothing happene to Grisha

when he reach the 13 year mark, he just panick and thought that Eren was far better

possessor of the power, after Eren told Grisha about his thirst for freedom (I think Grisha

saw Kruger in Eren).

In a world of realism, Curses have no place. There is no Devil, no magic, just pure realism.

Titans are real, Physics and Chemistry are real, and war is real.

In the world that Hajime has brought forward, 13-year curses seem bonkers thats all!!

Eremika all the way. But I think Eren or Zeke maybe both will sacrifice themselves to stop

the curse. Originally they were all going to die now the creator guy says he’s found an

ending he’s happy with so it doesn’t mean he’s thrown the idea of killing some people off.

As everything that’s happened so far has had twists and hints from the very beginning the

actual ending or answer to the curse may have already be shown to us we only need to

piece together everything.

But it wouldn’t bother me if the curse went away and everyone lived and was happy. If they

did follow the cliche path i still think it would be unique in its own way it just may not have

an overdramatic or exciting ending as everyone thought.



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